Defibrillators – July 2019

I have now changed the defibrillator cabinet codes. THEY ARE NOW BOTH THE SAME. The reason for doing this is so that even if you go to the wrong one with the code the ambulance service have issued you with, you will still be able to unlock it and gain access to the defibrillator.

If you have been sent to fetch a defibrillator, the call handler will issue you with a code to access the cabinet that is showing as nearest to you and they will always advise the address of that defibrillator.

In Nether Heyford there are two locations.

1 – on the side wall of the One Stop shop
2 – at the playing fields, in the bowls club car park.

I would strongly advise everyone to familiarise yourself with these locations.

I understand that it is sometimes easier to go to the shop instead of the playing fields, especially if the gates are locked but it is important that you let either myself or someone on the Parish Council know ASAP that you have done this, especially if you were advised to go to the other location.

When you are given a code to access the cabinet, that defibrillator is taken off the system. If you were asked to go to the playing fields but decided the shop would be quicker and easier, whilst that is OK now, you will potentially have the wrong one removed from the system and the next person to call 999 might be sent to an empty cabinet.

If you are unfortunate enough to need to use the defibrillators, please inform either me or the Parish Council ASAP so we can get the defibrillator back in service straight away. The pads will need changing and the battery checked before it can go live again.

Mark Taylor

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