Nether Heyford Baptist Church – November 2019

Hello to all

I enjoy cooking but I am quite boring in my choice of meals and I am most certainly very limited in my options and cooking ability. I also have a go at making marmalade – but some would say that I take the easy way (and I do!) because I make my marmalade from the prepared Seville oranges using a simple to follow recipe on the tin – literally just add water and sugar and when ready just tip into prepared jars.

Why complicate it when complication is not needed – the end product is what really counts. And if I follow the recipe, does as it says and it turns out just fine – just lovely on buttered toast.

My wife Sue enjoys the “specially selected” fruit yogurts from a well-known discount store and the empty jars are used for my marmalade – they are ideal in size and I enjoy giving these jars to friends as I visit them – and I have some for myself – Sue does not eat marmalade! (YES!)

This morning I am going to make marmalade and as I do I will reflect on what I have written above and sending for inclusion in The Prattler.

1. Many of us are limited in what we can do but often we can do something – we can have a go.

2. Like the recipe for my marmalade we have a reliable and trusted recipe for life and the teachings of Jesus are good to us and good for us. His teaching and the journey of faith bring enrichment to life

3. We don’t need to over complicate things.

4. Our empty lives can be filled with the good that faith in God can and will bring – we don’t have to be big, powerful and significant for God to use. Someone rightly said, “God uses our availability as well as our ability”

5. What is on the tin is what I get from the tin and is the end product of my cooking and that is so important – our lives can reflect what is most important in our living, loving and giving.

6. It is good to give something of what we have away – to touch and enrich the lives of others – there is great blessing in giving away as well as getting

The chapel welcomes all – please come along when you can and details of services are provided elsewhere in The Prattler – you will feel welcomed

Thank you

Martin Buckby
on behalf of the fellowship at The Baptist Chapel on the Green


For more information visit the Nether Heyford Baptist Chapel page.

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