Edmund Arnold’s Charity – Cash grants for under 25

The Arnold Trust was founded by the Will of Edmund Arnold, in or about 1689.

The Charity was set up to help five Parishes in the County of which Nether and Upper Heyford are one.

The grants which can be applied for are varied and are:

Educational and Social: Persons under 18, Persons 18-24

The Trustees of the Charity can provide small cash grants in approved cases to or on behalf of persons who have not attained the age of 25.

Applicants must be resident in the Parishes of Nether and Upper Heyford and have been educated for over one year and in need of financial assistance for educational purposes, subject to the terms of the scheme.

Social Grants

To help those who may be struggling. A grant can help with bills i.e. heating, clothing medical etc.

Small grants are awarded to organisations and clubs which help in the community
for their parishioners.

The applications are considered by the Trustees at their meetings. The Trustees meet twice a year, April and November.

If you would like an application form please contact, Mrs M Eaton at Wilson Browne Solicitors, meaton@wilsonbrowne.co.uk


View registered charity accounts online: CharityCommission.gov.uk

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