SOFEA Nether Heyford emergency community larder

The community larder deliveries have now ceased after 15 weeks. We hope you found the deliveries useful. If circumstances change and you experience an emergency situation around food or medicine supplies, please do not hesitate to contact one of us and we will endeavour to help and support you.

Charles Kiloh & Lynda Eales 07779 900860 | Jez Wilson 07761 672376 | Sue Boutle 07500 636009 | Faye Brassett 07827 707599 | Rev Stephen Burrow 01327 344436

“Thank you for your support for the Emergency Community Larders that were put in place with your help at Lockdown.  Since then 1588 food boxes have been delivered into Nether Heyford with the help of your local volunteers.  Thank you for your help in communicating this project with and supporting your own village during these unprecedented times.
Thank you again for your part in the Emergency larder, together we delivered 17084 food boxes into 74 villages with over 500 volunteers and 20 charity partners.  A truly magnificent South Northamptonshire response to a global crisis.
It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with you.”
Miranda Wixon – SOFEA
Could COVID19 have found a cure for loneliness in South Northants?

About My Area 25/08/2020

Volunteers deliver more than 17,000 food boxes to isolated people in need across south Northamptonshire during lockdown‘It’s just been incredible that people want to help each other – it’s been a very uniquely Northamptonshire project’

Daventry Express 27/08/2020

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 27/08/2020

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Nether Heyford Volunteers

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