Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul – Services – February & March 2021


Following discussions with the Benefice Council and PCC’s we have decided to keep our church buildings closed during this third national lockdown, as they were for the first two in 2020. We do not take this decision lightly, but with a new strain of Covid19 infecting many more people, our hospitals at capacity, and government ministers urging us to act as if we had the virus and stay at home, we feel it is the right thing to do. It’s important that we all demonstrate self-discipline and play our part in preventing the spread of the virus, and closing our church buildings is one way in which we can do that. Our hope is that the roll out of the national vaccination programme will gather pace, and protect the most vulnerable, reassuring us that this lockdown will come to an end, even if we don’t yet know the exact date on which it will be lifted.

While our church buildings are closed, the church community will continue to gather virtually, spiritually and intentionally to worship God and bring before him our prayers and concerns for our village communities and their people. During the lockdown the weekly pattern of services will be:

Sunday 10:00AM Service of Holy Communion via the Benefice Facebook Page, which can be found at:

Wednesday 9:30AM Service of Morning Prayer via WHYPAY? Telephone Conference Call

Friday 9:00AM Service of Morning Prayer via Zoom

Details of the midweek services are available from the Rector (tel: 344436). Please watch village Facebook Pages and notice-boards for details of any changes to this service pattern, and for news of our Lent Course for 2021.

Although our church buildings are closed, we know that God is with us in all the circumstances of our lives, and he hears our prayers.

During February we shall be praying for people living in Hillside Rd and Hillside Crescent here in Heyford, Sutton St, Yew Tree Gardens and Sutton Acre in Flore, The Manor in Church Stowe and the Gate House and the Old Dairy in Brockhall.

During March we shall be praying for: Close Rd, The Pound and The Peak in Heyford, The Avenue and The Glebe in Flore, The Old Dairy Farm in Upper Stowe and the outlying farms around Stowe and the Mews Houses in Brockhall.

The Benefice Facebook Page can be found at

Rev Stephen Burrow (Tel. 01327 344436)

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