Nether Heyford W.I. – February 2019


Our New Year started with a return to W.I. crafting roots when Deborah Burrows anArlene Harrison showed members how to paint without paint brushes. It is surprising how much talent lies hidden in Nether Heyford W.I. 

Contrary to popular belief, being a member of the W.I. really is not just about ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ or listening to talks given by visiting speakers. As anyone who watched the TV. series about the W.I. a few years ago will remember, the original ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ brigade was responsible for a great deal of amazing war effort. However, as a Nationwide Federation, the W.I. has to move and change with the times. Each year resolutions are put forward by W.I. branches and, from these, six are chosen at a short listing meeting of Federation Representatives. Every W.I. member has the opportunity to vote on the resolution that they would most like to go forward for further discussion at the Annual Meeting. Depending on the number of votes either one or two chosen resolutions then becomes the W.I. Campaign for the following year. This ensures that every campaign is dear to the hearts of our members. In 2017 we highlighted the ‘Plastic soup pollution’ and in 2018 it was ’Making time for mental health’.

Voting time is here and this year’s resolutions range from:-

1. Improving Plant Bio-security – calling for a certification scheme to assure the public that plants, soil and containers they buy have been screened and are infection free, thus ensuring the safety of our native trees and plants.

2. Planting and care of trees – to mitigate climate change, to improve air quality and to reduce erosion and flooding.

3. Call against the Decline in Local Bus Services – particularly in rural and semirural areas.

4. Suffering in Silence – why we have to end the taboo around menstrual health.

5. Pelvic Floor Education

6. Don’t Fear the Smear – encouraging women to look after their health.

As you can see, a real variety and not a single mention of Jam OR Jerusalem!! There is, however, a real opportunity to make a difference in the world about us.

Our meeting in February will be a look at the amazing career of the most popular crime novelist of all times as Steve Dimmer examines the writer’s life. Beginning with the creation of Hercule Poirot in 1920, through the Golden Age of detective fiction, the emergence of Miss Marple until Agatha Christie became the indisputable ‘Queen of Crime’.

Along the way we will be looking at the real-life mystery involving the novelist’s actual disappearance and perhaps trying to solve this intriguing puzzle. If, like me, you are a ‘who-dunnit’ fan this would appear too good to miss.

The meeting will be in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm on Thursday, February 7th. The charge will be £5 for non-members and will include the usual W.I. refreshments. We would love to see you there.

Mary Rice – Heyford Lodge – 01327 340101

Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul – February 2019

Nether Heyford Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

I’m writing this letter in the aftermath of the ‘meaningful’ vote on Brexit, lost so spectacularly by the government, and the subsequent vote of no confidence, from which that same government emerged unscathed. As I write, the Prime Minister and her ministers are meeting with politicians from other parties and from across the House of Commons to try and find a consensus on how best to move forward. At this stage, however, none of us know what will happen next.

In the Church’s calendar, we’re about to enter the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, and our Bible readings reflect this. We look at St Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth, where he writes about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In a church context, these gifts and talents are given to people to encourage and grow the Christian community. But in the wider context, we all have skills and passions that we can put to use for the benefits of other, and the growth of the communities in which we live and work. We’re all given these gifts to share with others, not keep to ourselves. If we do the latter, the community can’t grow, but if we use our gifts and talents for the common good, if we seek to serve others, our communities will be all the better for it.

St Paul writes about the gift of tongues, but warns of the confusion that can arise when everyone speaks at the same time, which is often how it seems to be when events in the House of Commons are reported. More positively, however, we might reflect on the gifts of wisdom and discernment, and pray that these are seen and used more effectively amongst our politicians. We must hope that’s the case, and trust that our leaders and representatives are now working together for the common good, not just of this country, but of the EU and the wider world. And in the meantime, we can play our part by working for the good of our communities, helping them to flourish and grow in these confused and uncertain times. So, as I pray for Christian unity across the world, I pray too that, whatever our faith, we can all put our gifts to work for the benefit of others, that we can encourage one another, and build up our communities. And I pray particularly for wisdom for our political leaders, and for peace and unity in our nation, and in our relationships with other countries.

With every blessing,

Stephen – 01327 344436

During February we shall be praying for people living in Hillside Rd and Hillside Crescent here in Heyford, Sutton St, Yew Tree Gardens and Sutton Acre in Flore, The Manor in Church Stowe and the Gate House and the Old Dairy in Brockhall.