The Story of Heyford: Bert Wilkinson V1C12

In 1953 George Warr succeeded Mr Woods as headmaster, and in 1955 he and Bert Wilkinson formed the Heyford cub pack to save the younger boys having to travel to Flore. Like the scouts, the cubs also met in the school hall and regularly numbered over twenty during the 1950s. Bert Wilkinson went on to become Group Scout Leader. He eventually retired in 1977 but continued to take an active interest in ‘his boys’ throughout his life. In 1985 Mr Mike Lane, the county commissioner presented him with the ‘Silver Acorn’, an award of special distinction to the scouting movement. Mr Lane described him as a man who by his example and leadership had set the standard for the future of the generation of boys with whom he had worked over many years. Bert Wilkinson continued to live in Heyford until he died in December 1996.


Extract from “The Story of Heyford” – Local book series published in the late 1990’s

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Heyford Scout Group – Update April 2019


Scouts, cubs and beavers continue to be busy and active, The Scouts have been doing a lot of work towards badges, with two completed and a third in progress. A camp is planned for the summer.

The Beavers were successful in the Daventry District Handicraft Competition, with 3rd place overall in the Colony Project and a second place in the individual handicraft competition. You can view their certificates on our open Facebook page.

Cubs have been learning about woodwork with the help of a local expert working with the leaders and are planning a joint first aid course with the Youth Club.

Do you have a skill or talent that you might be able to share with some of our young people ? We would be really pleased to hear from anyone who would be interested in working with our leaders for a session or two on this basis.

As always you can contact us through our Heyford Scouts Page on The Prattler, or on Facebook