Arnold’s Charity

The Arnold’s Charity is able to offer grants to residents of Nether Heyford and Upper Heyford who find themselves in need of help financially.

The grants which can be applied for are varied and include two categories.

Social Grants: All ages

The Arnold’s Charity can provide small cash grants for residents of Nether Heyford and Upper Heyford

The social grants are available to help residents who may be struggling financially. This could be an unexpected expense i.e. heating bills, school uniform, new glasses, dental treatment, a larger than anticipated bill, the need to travel to hospital appointments, heating, clothing, medical costs or other unexpected/increased costs.

Eligibility: Resident of Nether Heyford or Upper Heyford for at least 1 year

Educational Grants: Persons under 18 & Persons 18-24

Cash grants for Apprenticing and Education are available to or on behalf of persons who have not attained the age of 25.  This could be for learning purposes i.e. books, equipment, tools, etc.

Eligibility: 1. Under 25 years old. 2. Lived in Nether Heyford or Upper Heyford for over one year OR have been educated in the parish for over one year. 3. In need of financial assistance for educational purposes, subject to the terms of the scheme and approval of the trustees.

If you are not sure you qualify – please contact a trustee for more information, help and an informal discussion

The applications are considered by the Trustees at their meetings twice a year, usually in April and November. Deadlines for completed application forms are usually March 31st and October 31st.

Latest deadline for grant applications is 20.04.22 for a meeting of the trustees in May.



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Grant Application Deadline

Application forms are available from:

Rev Stephen Burrow (Parish Church) – Trustee | 07511 544375

Nick Adams – Trustee | | 07812 032509

Jo Dickson – Trustee | | 07749 822016

Charles Kiloh – Trustee | | 07779 900860

Mike Essery – Trustee | | 01327 340682

Clerk to the Trustees at Wilson Browne Solicitors:

Jules Burditt – Clerk |  | 01604 876697

Jez Wilson (The Prattler) |

Alternatively – Download, Print, Complete and Return:

Paper form delivery:

If you require a paper form delivery please mention this when contacting us and we can arrange an application form to be delivered and collected once complete.

Bliss Charity School:

Application forms are also available for families to collect from the Bliss Charity School office.

Charity History:

The Arnold’s Charity was founded by the will of Edmund Arnold, in or about 1689. The Charity was set up to help five Parishes in the County of Northamptonshire – Stony Stratford, Nether and Upper Heyford, the Ancient Parish of St. Giles -Northampton, Stowe-IX-Churches and Weedon Bec and also Merton College, Oxford.

Edmund Arnold:

Born: Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire

Baptised: Stowe-Nine-Churches, Northamptonshire, 1607

Graduated: Merton College Oxford, 10th October 1661

Career: Lawyer – Doctors’ Commons, Knightrider Street, London (Described in ‘David Copperfield’ and referred to by Sherlock Holmes)

Died: Kensington, London, 27th March 1676

Buried: Beneath the chancel in St Bartholomew’s Church, Furtho, Northamptonshire

Edmund Arnold’s Charity – Registered Charity number 260589

Arnold’s Education Foundation – Registered Charity number 310590

Last updated 24th February 2022 – Jez Wilson

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