Quiz – Do you know Northampton?

Do you know Northampton?

The answers to these questions are place names in Northamptonshire.

1 Not a new place
2 Not under 14 lbs
3 Is Topsy upside down?
4 A naughty insect
5 Did royalty lose its head here?
6 A street
7 A small professor
8 An electric gadget used at breakfast time
9 Place of the firs
10 Isn’t there a milk container here?
11 Keep losing your hair
12 Sounds as if its manufactured to a high standard
13 A happy weight
14 One of two – not Chapel, the other
15 Is it a fault?
16 Not a soft part of a candle
17 The site of a battle in 1645
18 A farmyard and watery resting place
19 A lettuce and small wood
20 Badgers manor
21 This is a sad and serious place for animals
22 Sounds as if it’s some value to a builder
23 Add a point to this fresh meat
24 A golfer’s weight
25 Flower ending has changed
26 Does a singer tunnel here
27 A young animal with a drink
28 Visit this place for old records
29 Continue with the housework
30 Do you get burnt at this waterhole?

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Quiz – A Fruit and Veg Story

A Fruit and Veg Story (with the odd nut thrown in) – Use your knowledge of fruit and vegetables (and the odd nut) to fill in the blanks.

_______{7) begin by telling you a story about Darren and Angela, greengrocers of
Heyford, the day they decided to go on a boating trip with Angela’s mum Melanie
and her new man Arty. Angela’s friend Anna was going to come. Anna was a
_____(5), she was born in Malmo. She then decided to not ______(6) as she had a
blind ____(4) and she felt like a __________(10) going out with two couples. They thought that this was for the best, as they didn’t want to ______(6) from coming but the car only had four seats, and two _____(5) would fit better.

Darren had just got a ____(4) job in Belgium that paid lots of money but this meant he had to visit________(8) a lot, but the increase in ______(6) meant that at least they could _______(7). But as she reversed out of their drive, Angela scratched the car door on the garden wall.

When they arrived at Angela’s mums’ house, Arty noticed the damage to their car.
“Do you know the car’s scratched” said Arty.

“Yeah” said Darren “______(6) did it”. “I’ll take it around to my mate’s Mike, he’s a mechanic” said Darren.

“By the way, how’s the __________(6,4) Darren?” said Arty, as Darren had been
learning the language to help him in his new job.

They all drove to the river and got into a rowing boat, the boat was very small
Darren said “We’re in a bit of a ______(6) here.” as there is not ________(8) it will be bit of a ______(6). Arty sat at the front, Darren at the back, with the two women in the middle holding the oars, Angela on one side and _____(5) the other. “I feel like a right _____(5) sat at the back” said Darren.

They set off against a strong _______(7) behind them. Arty saw a friend on the
riverbank and Darren blew a loud _________(9) towards him.

“Your behaviour ______(6) me Darren” said Angela’s mother. “_______(7) may,”
said Darren. “That Darren is incorrigible” said Arty to Angela’s mother.“_____(5) a little mother” said Angela in defence of her husband.

Angela lovingly stroked Darren’s leg as they floated slowly down the river,
“__________(5,5) you have my dear” whispered Darren gently. “I’ve got a shiver
from my head ________(8). You have a _______(7) touch”.

They finally reached their destination in the village centre, and went to a shop to buy some snacks. Darren bought a big bag of nuts and some amber _________(9) a bottle, he just loved Fosters Lager.

Darren had no money with him so the shopkeeper said I’ll ______(6) a cheque”.

“Where have you ____(4)”, said Angela to Darren. Darren handed the beer and nuts
around, but the nuts made _________(9) as he ate them too quickly. After Arty had recovered, they all decided that the whole day had been a disaster, so they all agreed to go home.

And that’_______(7) folks.

Shirley and Mick Collins

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