The Prattler – November 2019

The Prattler

The Prattler is run by an active voluntary committee comprising of Sue Boutle, Christine Watts, Vicki Hamblin, Jez Wilson, Nick Essex, Richard Musson and Mary Rice. If you would like to submit articles or have any suggestions for future issues, please get in touch.

The Newspaper is supported by donations from the Parish Council, the Parish Church, the Baptist Church, Heyford W.I., Heyford Garden Club, Heyford Singers and Heyford Picturedrome as well as the advertisers.

Thanks are also due to the volunteers who distribute it every month.

URGENT – The Prattler’s Future

The Prattler’s Future

Due to an large unforeseen increase in the Prattler’s printing costs, we are having to look at all the options for the Prattler to continue. This could be producing editions Bi-monthly instead of monthly, cutting down on the articles and pages, charging or the worst option of all, which would be ceasing altogether.

We will be having a meeting in the next few weeks to decide the best way to continue. However, in the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions as to how we can avoid those scenarios, please get in contact with me via text or e-mail.

Many thanks

Sue Boutle


01327 342519

Village Signs – April 2019 Update

Village Signs – April 2019
Sue and I have put ourselves forward to help get Heyford looking pretty. We are starting with planting bulbs and flowers on all the Nether Heyford signs on the entrances into our village. The first thing we need to do is find volunteers who would like to help set this up. We could possibly have volunteers to look after the entrance nearest to where they live within the village.

You can contact me on 07912 971799 or by email at if you have any interest, We can get together to discuss the way forward and work out costs etc.

We really hope to get a reasonable response in helping to make this a reality going forward. People have tried in the past and failed for various reasons, so let’s try to make this work for all of us.

Thank you
Jill and Sue 

Village Signs – February 2019
The signs into the village seem a bit drab and we would like to decorate them with containers and plants to make them more welcoming. If you have any ideas, suitable containers for the plant boxes, or any other items i.e. compost and plants, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please contact either Jill Garratt, Sue Boutle or The Prattler