Planning – Development site at Stowe Hill

A letter from Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council:

Development site on the A5 at Stowe Hill 

Application Number DA/2015/0195 – 5th Feb 2016

The application for this site was opposed by Stowe Nine Churches, Weedon Bec and Flore Parish Councils and by South Northants Council and Highways England, but was granted by Daventry District Council (DDC).  Objections included the unsafe access onto and off the A5, development in the open countryside and the long-term intentions of the applicant for more than one pitch or for use as a transit site.  Stowe Parish Council has also always had concerns about the ability of DDC to adequately enforce any transgressions of the permission.

The consent was for ’Use of land for stationing of caravans for residential purposes Oner Gypsy and Traveller pitches, formation of hardstanding, resurfacing of partially overgrown access track and conversion of existing building to dayroom ancillary to that use’ with a condition that ‘no more than one mobile home and one day van shall be stationed on the site at any one time’ and one that ‘The development shall not be occupied until highway improvement works to the access from the site to the A5 are compete…’

In April, Stowe Nine Churches PC raised the matter of the significant clearing of the site far in excess of that which had been approved and asked DDC to ensure that the development complied with the original proposal ‘and that additional pitches are not approved retrospectively’.

In May 2019 the Deputy Chief Executive of DDC said that there were ‘on-site unauthorised works to create a hardstanding beyond the planning permission’………..that ‘a retrospective/new application had been suggested’ and ‘their intention that additional vans will be coming to live on the site – they say in 2-3 years . He states that DDC were taking legal advice on their options but that there was no intention on the part of DDC to use that site as a ‘Stopping Place’.

Since May, Stowe Nine Churches has been supported by the Weedon District Councillors in endeavouring to ensure that DDC enforces the terms of the original planning consent, with little success.  We were told that no residents would be allowed on the site until the Highways England requirements for the entrance were met – which was a condition of the permission! -These works have not been completed, but there are now at least 5 static units on the site and rumours that up to 30 more units could be added once the necessary hard core has been delivered (3000 tonnes in 150 loads has been ordered from a local contractor!).

Executive Director (Community) Maria Taylor stated recently that the site is approved for residential use ‘for one traveller family only’ but that is not what the original permission said (see above).  There is a difference between one pitch (1 static and 1 mobile home) and one family – which could be a very extended family group in multiple caravans, and the consent was not personal to one family.

Our concern has always been that we did not feel confident that DDC would ensure that the terms of the original permission would be adhered to, on the basis that previous developments within the parish have been granted retrospective consent when works had ‘strayed’ from the original plans.

The Parish Council (Stowe Nine Churches) monitors all of the consents applied for and granted, as they occur and until the development is completed, and has called attention to perceived breaches as appropriate.  The system and rules should be made to work for everyone, not just those residents who are careful to comply with what has been granted.  If developers and land owners believe that they can do as they please, confident that they can get ’retrospective consent’ after they have built what they wanted, what is the point of the planning system?

Councillor Johnnie Amos, who has been dealing with this matter on behalf of the Parish Council, has been asked by DDC officers – where is the harm?  How many people care about what is happening? He has suggested that as a Parish Council we canvass the opinion of our residents.

If you feel as strongly as the Parish Councillors do – that ‘permission’ should mean what it says, then write to  and let them know how you feel.  The more correspondence they receive, the more likely they are to act. (Please copy in the parish clerk so that we can monitor the level of concern )

Circulated by Stowe Nine Churches Parish Council

Daventry District Council planning website direct link: Application Number DA/2015/0195

Reference Number: DA/2015/0195
Registration Date: 09-Mar-2015
Application Type: FULL PLANNING
Parish: Stowe Nine Churches
Main Location: Land At Stowe Hill, Watling Street, Weedon (Stowe IX Churches Parish), Northamptonshire

Case Officer: Mr B Allen
Proposal: Use of land for stationing of caravans for residential purposes 1 No. gypsy and traveller pitches, formation of hardstanding, resurfacing of partially overgrown access track and conversion of existing building to dayroom ancillary to that use. Part Restrospective.
Decision: Approval Full
Decision Date: 05-Feb-2016


Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Watch 2020

Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Watch.jpg

Nether Heyford & Upper Heyford Neighbourhood Watch 2020

NEW scheme revival for 2020

The scheme is open to village residents only and all applications should be made online:

Neighbourhood Watch itself began life in the UK over 30 years ago in response to rising crime, but today, as times change, it covers all aspects of keeping safe.

In 1983, Northamptonshire Police set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme which was seen as one of the first in the country. Five years later, in 1988, the Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Watch Association was formed to establish and run the scheme as an independent organisation.

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary crime prevention group in the country. It is based on the idea of communities coming together to reduce crime and increase community cohesion.

Nether Heyford has a long history of having a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and indeed supported Northamptonshire Police with a scheme from the early beginnings in the 1980’s.

Since then there have been the following developments:

1995:  CrimeStoppers 0800 555 111
The Community Action Trust that began in 1988 with a simple phone line to report crime anonymously became CrimeStoppers  a National Freephone number 0800 555 111 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


2007: “Neighbourhood Watch” becomes a National Organisation
Neighbourhood Watch representatives formed local, county and regional groups and in 2007 with the support of the police and the Home Office the first national umbrella organisation for the movement was established.

2011: National freephone number 101 is launched for reporting non-emergency incidents.

2015: Northamptonshire Police launch new ability to report crimes online


2017: Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alerts – Email subscription service for crime reports from across the county.


2017: “Neighbourhood Watch” became “Neighbourhood Watch Network” a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

2018: A Facebook group was set up Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Watch it’s aim to notify people of incidents which are happening in and around Nether & Upper Heyford.

NH NHW Facebook Header

2019: New Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)
Nether Heyford Parish Council funds a new PCSO for the village. PCSO Matt Taylor also serves as PCSO for the neighbouring village Bugbrooke.

2020: Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Watch scheme
The 2020 scheme revival is a fresh start for the village “Neighbourhood Watch Register” and expands the scheme area to include the complete parish area and Upper Heyford. Also completely linking together with the Facebook group, Northants Neighbourhood Watch, The Parish Council, The PCSO and The Prattler.

The scheme is open to village residents only and all applications should be made online:

Village Benefits:

People join Neighbourhood Watch for many different reasons, whether it is to improve safety around their home or to become part of a group and meet new people. It is widely regarded that being part of Neighbourhood Watch can:

  • Reduce / prevent local crime and disorder
  • Reduce fear of crime
  • Protect the vulnerable and elderly
  • Safeguard property
  • Address issues relating to anti social behaviour
  • Create safer neighbourhoods
  • Build community spirit and cohesion
  • Reassure members of the public
  • Enhance partnership working with other community groups
  • Assist in the detection and apprehension of criminals through members providing information to the police
  • Improve quality of life and the local environment

Member Benefits:

  • Email alerts of crimes and issues affecting Nether Heyford, Upper Heyford and the surrounding areas.
  • Crime prevention advice to help protect your family and belongings.
  • Latest information on current scams and criminal activity in the area.
  • “No Cold Calling” and “Neighbourhood Watch Area” stickers and advice leaflets available.
  • Opportunity to help vulnerable village residents to help tackle loneliness in the community.
  • Join the register of community residents who may be called upon in times of national emergency.

New 2020:

  1. A new coordinator (Jez Wilson @ The Prattler) is appointed for member verification and communication with PCSO and Parish Council.
  2. The geographical area of the scheme has been increased to include everyone inside the parish boundary up to the A5, Heyford Mill and the village of Upper Heyford.HeyfordWatchArea
  3. Previous members who signed up online via the website have been contacted and are considered members of the new 2020 scheme. Theses members are in the process of being verified by the coordinator to establish continuation of membership or if they have moved from the area.
  4. Previous members of the village scheme who signed up at meetings or via the telephone/post/visits are no longer recorded as official scheme members and the member list no longer exists. Theses members are encouraged to sign up again online [The scheme must hold all membership details within the the official system/website/database in order to comply with all areas of General Data Protection Regulation.]
  5. The previously unofficial Facebook Group Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Watch now becomes an official scheme news channel with the new NHW scheme coordinator (Jez Wilson @ The Prattler) as Facebook group admin.

It’s aim to notify people of incidents which are happening in and around Nether & Upper Heyford. The group now has over 400 members with 15 volunteer moderators from the village helping to reacting quickly and maintain the integrity and rules of the group. Anyone can join to follow/share/comment on anything that’s happening in Nether Heyford and Upper HeyfordThe Facebook group welcomes all new members who agree to the small number of rules, its a good opportunity to stay up to date for those who have family and friends in the village or have an active interest in the area. All members of the Facebook group are very much appreciated and all views, posts, shares and comments are all important to the overall success of the official village scheme.

It should be noted that being a member of the NHNW Facebook group doesn’t mean membership of the official Nether Heyford & Upper Heyford Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

The scheme is open to village residents only and all applications should be made online:


The Story of Heyford (Extra): Heyford Home Guard WW2

Nether & Upper Heyford Home Guard (WW2)

The Home Guards met twice a week in the yard of the Foresters Arms, where they had their stores. The Commanding Officer was Charlie Highfield, chosen because of his army career.

Nether Heyford Home Guard.jpg

Back row (L>R):
Alf Adams, Stan Faulkner, Joe Matthews, Arthur (Batty?) Charvill, Jeff (Geoff?) George, Dick Fisher, Ron or Frank (?) Taylor, Fella Masters (the only name he was known by!)

Middle row (L>R):
Reg Collins, Tom Eales, Charlie Masters, Jack Butcher, Frank Reeve, Dave Ward, Herbert (Horace?) Blood, Amos Lee, Les (Bob?)Foster

Front row (L>R):
Bill Spokes, Anselm Banner, Sid Blencowe (Joe?), Harry Haynes, Charlie Highfield (Captain), Ted Wright, Joe Garrett, Joe (Joey?) Charvill, Arthur Mead


Thank you to the following villagers for the names: Joe Garrett / Michelle McMillan / Tom Harrison / Anna Forrester / Garry Collins / Zoe Highfield / Richard Eales / Keith Clarke /  Trev Clarke / John Butcher / Charlene Zambo / Shirley Collins

Follow more Nether Heyford history, stories and photos on the Facebook group – Nether Heyford Past “Thanks for The Memories”

Please contact The Prattler if you can confirm any of the name spellings or nicknames. Also if you have any information on the Home Guard activities or any memories to share then send them in and we can update this page.

Jez Wilson 

Parish Council – December 2019 Meeting


The December meeting was held as normal on Monday 6th in the  Baptist Chapel Schoolroom.

Like all Council meetings it was open to the public.

Reports from the District and County Councillors: A report from Cllr Brown was read out, explaining that progress towards Unitary authorities was on hold due to the current political situation. He also gave details of NCC’s draft budget consultation. Cllr PB also referred to the uncertainty regarding the initiation of the Unitaries because of the General Election. He gave details of the refuse collections over the holiday period.

Public Participation: Mrs Matthews expressed concerns over the situation regarding flooding in Watery Lane and in support of the proposals of the highways department to alleviate it.

PCSO:  was felt to be doing a good job, and was visible and friendly.

Streetlights: Lights outside the Baptist Chapel, 15 watery lane, between Bliss Close and the Luddle, and Rolfe Cresc. all to be reported as out.

Roads and pavements: Poor condition generally. Conifers in South View had been cut.

The Green and Play Area: The Green was felt to be in good order. CK felt more trees were needed, AW wondered whether sponsoring would be popular. Play Area inspected and no problems.

Playing Fields: Netball Court had been started.

Trees: Churchyard and Green pollarding to be done in early New Year.

Allotments: Wildlife area progressing well. Pond being developed. 5 Allotments free.

Footpaths: Very muddy in the exceptionally wet weather.

Churchyard: Hedges trimmed, wall in good order.

Canal: MB reported the dog mess situation had improved.

Joint Burial Board: Fallon name plate details to be kept on file. 3 recent interments.

Youth Club: All going well. PCSO had visited to introduce himself.

Defibrillators: Both checked and in order.

To reconsider the situation regarding kerbs in Watery Lane. Discussion took place about the reasons for the problems in Watery Lane and about the proposed solutions from Highways, who recommended raising the dropped kerbs on the residential side of the road opposite the allotments, and dropping the kerb on the allotments side by 1 ½ – 2 inches over a 3 metre length. Highways have the funding to do the work. Resolved To support the Highways plan.
Resolved. To purchase a Sand Bin for placing in the area, and later to purchase sand and bags when it is installed.

To consider the provision of an office. This was a long term project, deferred for the present.

Church roof/Alarm. Council considered a contribution towards funding for a replacement steel roof, and an alarm system. It was felt an immediate contribution could be made, and further assistance given if required. Resolved. £1000 to be contributed towards the replacement roofing.

To consider removing the Memorial Green hedge. Resolved. To remove the hedge.

To consider signing the Armed Forces covenant. Resolved. To sign the covenant.

Grants Policy – to adopt. Deferred.

Neighbourhood Plan – No report on progress due to the illness of Mrs Corner.

To consider the recommendations of the Finance committee regarding the 2020/21 Precept. In light of the decisions at the meeting it was felt better to defer acceptance of the Finance Committee recommendations until January.

ACRE Village Awards 2020 – Resolved. To support the Village Hall Management application to be put in by Alwyne Wilson.

PDF of Full Minutes December 2019

Reporting Highway and Footpath Issues. The Clerk will report issues that Council is made aware of, but Council would encourage residents to use the FixMyStreet service to report issues themselves as there will then be no time lag and first-hand reports are almost always better than 2nd or 3rd hand reports. The service can be found here: 

It is easy to use; you can have your own account and can check up on any issues you have reported.

Council meetings take place on the first Monday of each month (unless there is a Bank Holiday)

Clerk to the Parish Council: Guy Ravine, c/o Old Dairy Farm, Upper Stowe, Weedon, Northamptonshire, NN7 4SH
Telephone: 07935 931787

Next Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be on the first Monday of the month at the Baptist Chapel Schoolroom at 7.30 pm and is, like all Parish Council meetings, open to all Parishioners.

For further useful information about Nether Heyford Parish Council and full contact details for the clerk and the councillors please visit our Nether Heyford Parish Council page.

Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul – Services – January 2020


Midweek Communions are held weekly on Wednesdays, 9.30am at Heyford and Thursdays, 10am at Flore, – all are welcome (Not Wednesday 1st January)

Prayer During January we shall be praying for people living in Church Lane and Weedon Rd in Heyford, Spring Lane and Russell Rise in Flore, Francis Row in Upper Stowe and the Stables and Coach House in Brockhall.

Rev Stephen Burrow (Tel. 01327 344436)