Nether Heyford 2022 Calendar

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Photographs from: Vernon Cameron-Ilott, Mick Parker, Tom Dodd, Faye Brassett, Simon Bloys

Jez Wilson – Dig. Ed. December 2021

The Story of Heyford (Extra): Pensioners Club – Christmas 1989


“My nan Florrie Coles would have been 111 today. This is the Nether Heyford pensioners club in 1989. She came to live with us in 1985 from London and was welcomed into the village by all these lovely people. She is 7th from the left front row, in black. Anyone recognise their relatives ?”

Photograph published on the Facebook group Nether Heyford Past “Thanks for the Memories”

By Jeanette Bradstreet Letts (with Ray Bradstreet & Stephen Bradstreet)

3rd April 2018

Back Row (Left to Right):

  1. Mr Weaver
  2. Mr Denny
  3. Mrs Hardwick (?)
  4. Mrs Smith
  5. Mrs Wallis
  6. Mr Tandy 
  7. Mr Jones
  8. Mrs Osborne
  9. Mr Humphrey
  10. Mr Perkin
  11. Mrs Hale
  12. Mrs Peggy Redley
  13. Mr Randall
  14. Mrs Marjorie Hamborg
  15. Mrs June Masters
  16. Mrs Weaver
  17. Mrs Shelia Masters
  18. Mr George Masters

Middle Row (Left to Right):

  1. Mrs Dunkley
  2. Mrs Gowan
  3. Mrs Butt
  4. Miss Reeve
  5. Mrs Lyons
  6. Mrs Wilkes
  7. Mrs Randall

Front Row (Left to Right):

  1. Mrs Kingston / Mary Butcher (?) 
  2. Mrs Jones
  3. Mr Fred Browning
  4. Mrs Phyllis Matthews
  5. Mrs Joan Clarke
  6. Mrs King
  7. Mrs Florrie Coles
  8. Miss Weaver
  9. Mrs Cornelius
  10. Mrs Wright
  11. Mrs MeDade (?)

For any corrections/additions to the names please contact Jez Wilson at The Prattler


Nether Heyford 2021 Calendar

The Heyford Calendar now available for £5.

You will be able to pick up a copy at Heyford Meats or The Foresters Arms or by e-mailing heyford_prattler@yahoo.co.uk to arrange a “cash on collection” time.

Photographs from: Mick Parker, Tom Dodd, Marie Hanlon, John Dunkley, Sarah Thompson, Tony Boutle, Vernon Cameron-Ilott, Martin Lee

The Teddies of Watery Lane

The Teddies of Watery Lane


John and Rosemary would like to thank all who supported our teddies. After 64 days we felt it was time to put them away to stop them becoming boring.

We have had great feedback from everyone. We would like to thank those who dropped cards etc in, also the great ideas and props without which we would not have been able to carry on for so long.

Many thanks,
Rosemary and John

Photo Gallery: Lockdown Teddy Bear’s Tales #1 “No time for a picnic”

Photo Gallery: Lockdown Teddy Bear’s Tales #2 “Mayday”


Letters: Sheila Maud (Humphrey) Beharrell – June 2020

Sheila Maud (Humphrey) Beharrell

Regretfully we are announcing the passing of Sheila on May 13th, just short of her 95th birthday in June. She was the last of her generation of Humphrey who moved to Labrams Yard on Church Street. Previous residents/tenants of the property included her brother Ron and family, May, and Arthur. Dunkley, Connelly, Buck, Collins, Barnes, and Gilkes also resided on the property at one time or another. Probably there are others. Her niece, Jean now resides in one of the Humphrey cottages on the property.

Some villagers may also recall the family business of E.W.Humphrey Ladder Manufacturers. This has been documented in the Prattler and the Heyford History.

The Story of Heyford: The Humphrey family and ladder making V1C8

Sheila worked at The Beauty Counter of Adnitts Department store (now Debenhams) Northampton. She then progressed to being an accounts clerk at the hospital guild.

Sheila, from time to time recalled her childhood. The Humphrey family kept dairy cows, Sheila and her niece Jean were often tasked with distributing milk to Heyford villagers. She had a pet lamb, ‘Betty’ who was missing one day upon returning from her day at Bliss School, evidently in latter years realising the pet was part of the family larder. She recalled as a teenager the drone of the aeroplanes on their way to bomb Coventry in the Second World War.

The Humphrey family were very involved with the Baptist Chapel in the village, Sheila along with sister May enjoyed being a Deacon and part of the weekly flower rota at the Chapel. Both Sheila and her step daughter Trudi were married in the Chapel. Besides flower arranging, Sheila embraced singing with the Heyford Singers.

In her latter years Sheila endured Cancer, and after the death of her husband Albert found it increasingly difficult at home at Ladder Cottage. After a nasty fall in her home in 2015 – at her request – she moved to Bethany Homestead in Northampton where mother Alice spent some convalescing time.

In these challenging times, Sheila has sadly become another statistic of our current pandemic. We will hold a memorial to commemorate Sheila’s life when time allows.

Jean, Trudi, Glenn, and Family

Published June Edition 2020

Photo Gallery: Lockdown Teddy Bear’s Tales #2 “Mayday”


Rugby 2 May 2020 John Dunkley

May Day 1 May 2020 John Dunkley

snakes and ladders 5 May John Dunkley

Walkies – 5 May 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Star Wars – 4 May 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

VE Day Party 8 May 2020 John Dunkley

Cricket 9 May 2020 John Dunkley

Housework 10 May 2020 John Dunkley

Camping 11 May 2020 John Dunkley

Archery 12 May John Dunkley

Train Sets 13 May 2020 John Dunkley

Camp Fire 14 May John Dunkley

Planning todays walk 15 May John Dunkley

Music Day 16 May 2020 by John Dunkley

Hairdressers 18 May by John Dunkley

Climbing 19 May 2020 John Dunkley

Playtime 20 May 2020 John Dunkley

Fencing 21 May John Dunkley

Mad Hatters Tea Party John Dunkley 22 May

Car Maintenance 23 May John Dunkley

Building 24 May John Dunkley

Kite Flying 25 May John Dunkley

Obstacle Course 26 May John Dunkley

Flower Pot Men 27 May John Dunkley

Board Games 28 May John Dunkley

Over the garden fence 29 May John Dunkley

Walking with Dinosaurs 30 May John Dunkley

Barbeque 31 May John Dunkley


Archery 12 May 2020 John Dunkley

Football – 3 May 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Walkies – 5 May 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Photo Gallery: Lockdown Teddy Bear’s Tales #1 “No time for a picnic”

Building site tea break
Building site tea break – 29 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Bird watching – 30 April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Lego – 29 April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Sky Diving – 27 April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Sky Diving – 27 April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Housework – 28 April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Circus – 26 April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Cricket Match – 25th April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Bird watching – 30 April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Lego – 29 April 2020 by Nick ‘Stan’ Inwood

Wet so working from home – 18 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Window Cleaning – 16 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Washing day – 24 April by John Dunkley

Shoe Repair – 20 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Puncture Repair – 22 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Bird Watching – 13 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Ironing – 25 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Queen of Teddies birthday – 21 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Games day – 17 April 2020 by John Dunkley

London Marathon – 26 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Skittles – 14 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Reading – 11 April 2020 by John Dunkley

Bowls Match
Bowls Match – 19th April 2020 by John Dunkley

Ironing – 25 April 2020 by John Dunkley

happy birthday Captain Tom 30 May 2020
Happy Birthday Captain Tom – 30 April 2020 by John Dunkley


Crafty Club – May 2020

As these are unprecedented times I thought I would reminisce about the Crafty Club.

In 2001 I had to retire from my full-time job due to a family crisis.  Then in around 2005  due to a chance meeting in the village, the Crafty Club was “born”.

I met two ladies (Tracey & Jude) in the village who were, at the time, attending a sewing class that was not all they expected.  From this simple conversation came the idea of opening our own craft club – but where?

Tracey, who worked in the local hairdressers, suggested asking her boss if we could use the premises on a Monday afternoon for this club, and so we had a venue.  At the time, (somehow) we managed to find six other ladies who were interested in joining our newly formed club.

Tracey, Jude and myself decided we would start at the beginning of 2006.  Then again, fate seemed to intervene as I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of 2006 so I missed the first few meetings.

Following on my surgery, and feeling 100% better I joined the ladies on a Monday in the local Hairdressers. Thinking back and remembering the nine of us sitting in a circle with each person bringing our “crafts”, brings a smile to my face.

Sometime later other crafters were asking about our club, and it soon became obvious we would need larger premises. That said, the group was too big for the hairdressers, but not big enough to fund bigger premises at a large cost.

One member of the group suggested approaching the Baptist Chapel with a view to using their “meeting” room and so enquiries were made to see (1) if it was available on a Monday between 12.30 and 14.30 and (2) how much it would cost.  Both questions were answered favourably, and so the Crafty Club was officially opened to anyone and everyone.

The three photos are of some of the original members busy in the Baptist Rooms.  Unfortunately three of them are sadly no longer with us – maybe you remember them

Some original members


Photograph 1 – Mrs Wright, Mrs Wright’s daughter, Mrs Mattacola & Sue Madeley 


Photograph 2 – Rachel Dunkley, Mrs Wright’s daughter, Mrs Wright & Mrs Mattacola


Photograph 3 – Joan Eales, Olive Peck, Pam Green & Elaine Oldroyd.

[Mrs Wright, Mrs Mattacola and Olive Pack have since passed away]

From the start of the club having nine members, we have grown over the years and now have between 25 – 30 people on the list with an average of 20 attending on a regular basis.  Over the years we have unfortunately lost quite a few of our members as well as several moving away from the area.

The first Christmas the club arranged a Christmas meal at the Narrow Boat, which seemed to be well liked.  Following on from this the small “committee” decided that we could just as easily cook a Christmas dinner, with portions to suit all and so between 2011 and 2013 this was arranged in the Village Hall.

The party involved singing including carols, plus various poems/antidotes, with a “Secret Santa” present.   Between 2014 – 2016 we returned to the Baptist Rooms for our Christmas meal, as it was felt to be much more “cosy”.

From 2017 the club moved to the Village Hall, as the Baptist Rooms were proving too small with the ever-increasing membership.

Christmas 2017 it was decided to have a Buffet which was pre-ordered from M&S, and this proved very popular especially as there were little or no plates etc to wash!

During the last two years we have added some really “challenging” – although amusing games to the party which appears to have been a big hit with all the ladies.

Christmas 2016 the club decided to hold a Christmas Fayre in the Baptist rooms, with the ladies showing and selling some of their fine handicrafts.

One of the tables from this Craft Fayre


With this success in mind it was decided from 2017 to date to hold an annual Christmas Fayre in conjunction with the W.I. who provided the refreshments and helped with a cake stall etc.

At the Christmas 2019 Christmas Fayre it was with trepidation that the Tree Festival was “resurrected” in the Baptist Rooms along with the Fayre in the Village Hall.  There seemed to be a steady stream of people coming to “inspect” the trees (which were all artificial and therefore identical) with the aim of voting for the best decorated tree. NetherHeyfordCraftyClub5

Since 2017 there are now “Workshops” organised throughout the year which have proved very popular, as it gives the ladies a chance to try new skills without too much outlay.

2020 is the start of the 14th year the club has been running and until this present pandemic the club is still thriving.

So to all you crafters and future crafters – take care and stay safe – see you all when this current crisis is over.

Chris Phillipps

Heyford Gardening Club – April 2020


Our March meeting featured a talk by Andrew and Anita Thorp who have a nursery specialising in snowdrops. They have a thousand varieties of this popular bulb, some varieties of which command eye watering prices! Andrew gave us an explanation of the “chipping” method of propagating snowdrops and narcissi. Anita also showed us some of the plants that flower at the same time as snowdrops and can complement them. We also held our annual daffodil and narcissus show which this year attracted a good display of blossoms.

The large flowered section was won by Pauline Litchfield, Anne Haynes came second and Pauline Guglielmi third.

Chris West won the small flowered section, John Dunkley and Val Jackson tied for joint second place, but there was no award for third place.

The bi colour section was won by Pauline Guglielmi, John Tapsell came second , and Rosemary Dunkley and Chris West tied for third place.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak we are suspending meetings for the time being. Hopefully we shall be able to resume our programme before too long.

At the present moment we have a lovely display of bulbs and other spring flowering plants in flower in pots about the garden. It is often a temptation to try and continue this display through the summer, but the memory of last year when I seemed to spend most mornings heaving watering cans around has put me off. I shall try to stick to the minimum number of potted items this year; some succulent plants that don’t mind drought, a few lilies that I find are amazingly tolerant and don’t do well in the garden due to the lily beetle (growing in pots and repotting each spring gets rid of any over wintering pupae). Pelargoniums are also less demanding of water so I may keep a few of those. Last year I bought a blue convolvulus from Coton Manor which produced a wonderful show without much attention, and that has made it through this last mild winter so I shall keep that going as long as possible. If I can resist temptation, I may save myself a great deal of work this summer, but then I say that every year.

Things to do in April
1. Sow hardy flowers, vegetables and herbs
2. Feed roses and shrubs
3. Keep an eye out for late frosts

Mark Newstead



For more information visit the Heyford Gardening Club & Allotments page


Heyford Bowls Club – March 2020



A good turnout of 21 players contested the ‘THE DAVID JULAND PRESIDENTS CUP’ on Saturday 8th February. The eventual winners after a hard fought final were Jean Cullin, John Dunkley and Peter McClean over Gill Guglielmi, Barry Cole and Roger Schofield by a score of 9 to 3.

An excellent result in our ‘WARDINGTON LEAGUE’ match was a win on both mats over Boddington with a combined winning score of 57 to 10.

The ‘LADIES PAIRS’ Competition will be played on Saturday 14th March at 1pm for 1.30pm. Entrants as usual via the notice boards.

Members’ support has been good in maintaining attendances at our Wednesday bowling sessions.

Den Taylor

For more bowls club information please visit our website: