Heyford Bowls Club – September 2019



In spite of summer holidays and other commitments, members support for Wednesday short mat bowling sessions has been very good. The friendly Friday evening outdoor triples league has now finished and was enjoyed by all who took part. The indoor short mat league will commence during the winter months. More information on this when it becomes available.

The Men’s Pairs will be played on Saturday 14th September. This produces some very keen competition, therefore it would be nice to have as many names down as possible. There will be two more competitions this year and they will be announced later.

Anyone wishing to play indoor bowling will be made most welcome at our Wednesday bowling sessions. Times for these are – afternoon 1.40pm and evening 7.10pm.

Den Taylor


At the time of writing these notes, Heyford Bowls Club are in grave danger of being relegated from Division 2 of the Northamptonshire Area Monday Night League. With two games to play, two good wins are needed, but our consistent inconsistency has been our downfall.

On the friendly games front the results have been much better; 16 wins out of 26 games with one tied. The season is rapidly drawing to an end, with only the final of the club competitions on Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1st September, and the Gala Day on Sunday 15th September scheduled to be played on our green.

Oh! And of course our final league game on Monday 9th September against Abington.

Geoff Allen – 01327 349909

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The Story of Heyford: Heyford’s Bakeries V1C4

There has presumably been baking in Heyford ever since there has been a settlement here. Both Heyford and Heyford Mill are mentioned in the Domesday Book, and the proximity of the mill meant that there was always a local source of flour.

There are several records of baking in the village during the 1700’s and 1800’s:
– The Militia list of 1777 mentions Henry Burch and Robert Burch as Bakers.
– The 1841 Census lists John James, Joseph Claridge and John Cole.
– The Kelly’s directories in the 1800’s show several bakers:

  • Mrs Margaret Jones, baker and shopkeeper, 1854
  • William Claridge, baker and retailer, 1864
  • Isaac Woodhams, baker, 1864, 1869, 1877, 1885, 1890
  • Charles Smith, 1869
  • Daniel Roe, 1877

Until the first world war the building on the corner of Furnace Lane and Weedon Road (now Tops the hairdressers) was the Bakers Arms pub, so called because the landlord Mr Pinnock had a small oven for baking bread. A small oven was also discovered in the old post office building when it was demolished in the early 1950’s.

The Faulkner family 
But from the 1890’s to the 1940’s most of the village’s baking was done by Thomas Faulkner and his family. He had two sons, Walter and Wesley, and five daughters. Much of the following information came from his great grandson Dennis Clarke.

The Faulkner family ran two bakehouses. The first was in the red brick house (now number 19 Church Street) owned by Thomas Faulkner. He ran it with his son-in-law, Fred Furniss. They were from staunch Methodist families well respected in the village. They didn’t drink or smoke. Thomas Faulkner was for many years a lay preacher at the Methodist chapel, and was also the first chairman of the Parish Council.

Then some time during the first world war he established a second bakehouse with a larger oven in the building which is now number 22 Furnace Lane. One of the reasons for needing a larger bakehouse was that he supplied bread to the Weedon Barracks. It was run by his son Wesley. This became the main bakery in the village and was active for more than 30 years. His other son Walter had a bakery in Northampton.

The flour room was upstairs and the flour was fed down to the bakery via a chute. The dough was made up the night before, kneaded into loaves, laid in tins and allowed to rise. The oven was lit between three and four in the morning with faggots of wood. When it was the right temperature, the ashes were removed and the bread put in. The oven, which was well insulated, kept warm for several hours, but even so it was an inaccurate science and it wasn’t unusual for a loaf of bread to be not quite
cooked in the middle.

Sunday roasts
Although the oven was used mainly for baking bread, it was also used on Sundays to cook the roasts. The villagers would bring their joints and Yorkshire puddings to be cooked while they were at church or chapel. You would put the joint on a trivet in a baking tray with the yorkshire pudding mix underneath. The fat from the meat dropped into the yorkshire pudding mix as it cooked.  Wesley Faulkner charged 2d for this service. Bill Kingston remembers sitting on the flour bin waiting for the joint to cook. Sometimes it was difficult to recognise your own joint. Mrs Dorothy Kingston remembers as a girl picking up their joint on one occasion only to be tld by her mother when she got home that it was somebody else’s! When the joints came out, the cakes went in.

The bakehouse in Furnace Lane also had a little shop which sold not just bread and cakes, but also sweets and cigarettes. In the back yard they kept pigs and chickens as most people did. Outside the back door was a well and a handpump which is still there today. They also kept a pony and trap which Wesley used for making deliveries in the evenings to Stowe, Farthingstone and Litchborough, often not returning until late in the evening. The pony and trap were later replaced by a motorised van.

Wesley Faulkner pictured with his delivery van in the 1930’s


Photo lent by Dennis Clarke

Changing times
The bakehouse continued to run until around 1945. However, by this time larger bakeries were being established in town and cheaper mass-produced bread and cakes were becoming readily available through the other village shops.

For some years after this, bread was delivered to the Village by ‘Cooey’ Faulkner, the ‘Midnight Baker’. He was Ruskin, the son of Walter who had a bakery in Abington Avenue in Northampton.  He got his nickname because he delivered bread, often late in the evening and announced his presence by calling “Cooey!” Some people left baskets hanging outside their houses for him to leave the bread if he was very late. Part of the reason for his lateness was that he was always read to accept a cup of tea if offered one! Today the house is occupied by Dennis Clarke,a great nephew of Fred Furniss, and great grandson of Thomas Faulkner. The oven, though no longer used is still in place.

From the 1940’s until the 1980’s no bread baking took place in the village. We had moved into times of mass—production and faster road systems, so most of the bread came from large bakeries outside the village. The installation of gas, and then electricity meant that most families the 1950’s had small ovens in their own modernised kitchen.

The Bake-house in Furnace Lane


Photo lent by Judy Armitage

This photograph looks towards the bottom of Furnace Lane and shows the old bake-house on the left hand side. To the left of this on the far left hand side of the picture is the building previously used as the King William pub. You can see here the frame which held the pub sign. Opposite the end of Furnace Lane you can see the little building which was the original Methodist chapel built in 1838 with the plaque above the upstairs windows. To the right of this is the old thatched post office, demolished in the 1950s, and to the left is the thatched cottage occupied by Mrs Anne Clarke, Heyford’s midwife for many years, which was demolished in 1969.

Heyford Patisserie
In 1985 the Heyford Patisserie was opened next to the butchers. The business had been started two years earlier by Wendy Allen who began baking at home. Her first order was from Carol at the Olde Sun to produce pies for bar meals. Then word got around, the number of customers grew, and the business became too big to run from home. At around that time, Malcolm Tarbox (the butcher) acquired the buildings in that block. The old slaughterhouse at the end of the block was renovated and converted into the present patisserie building. On 3rd November 1985 Wendy moved into her new patisserie which gave her not only much better baking facilities, but also a retail outlet. So began a service which was much needed in a village which had doubled in size since the 1950s. Although the bread came from Tees Bakery in Grafton Street, Northampton, all the pies, quiches, and puddings were baked on the premises.

Then after 11 years of long hours, six days a Week, Wendy decided to retire and the business was taken over in 1996 by Lesley Parker who continues to run it in the same way today.

Stephen Ferneyhough


Extract from “The Story of Heyford” – Local book series published in the late 1990’s

Volume 1 of 4 | Chapter 4 of 13 | Pages 9,10 & 11


Heyford’s Historical Heritage  |  How the books were created

Index  |  Covers

Heyford Bowls Club – July 2019


At last it can be revealed. By the time you read this item Heyford Bowls Club will have returned from their first ever bowls tour. We took a party of 43 to the Isle of Wight, including 33 bowlers; enough for 7 rinks of 4 for our three games and 5 reserves. Obviously at the time of writing these notes we are still to leave so I cannot tell you how we got on. All I do know is that everyone is looking forward to our adventure.

On the friendly front we have now won 6, lost 4 and drawn 1 of our 10 games. Our
home games in July are: –

Monday 1st Daventry Town 6.30
Wednesday 3rd St Crispin Ladies 6.30
Thursday 11th Woodford Halse 6.30
Monday 15th Earls Barton 6.30
Tuesday 16th Roade Ladies 6.30
Thursday 18th Cold Ashby 6.30
Sunday 21st Abington 2.30
Wednesday 24th Kislingbury Ladies 6.30
Saturday 27th Bugbrooke 2.30
Monday 29th Wootton 6.30
Tuesday 30th Byfield Ladies 6.30

And August

Monday 5th Bugbrooke 6.30
Tuesday 6th St Crispin 6.30
Thursday 8th Woodford Halse Ladies 6.30
Saturday 10th Brington 2.30
Thursday 15th Kislingbury 6.30
Sunday 18th Golden Horse 2.30
Sunday 25th Whyte Melville 2.30

So that’s brought you up to date. Now where’s that suitcase?

Geoff Allen – 01327 349909

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Heyford Cricket Club – July 2019


The season has started superbly at Heyford with the 1st XI currently sitting top of Division 3, and the 2nd XI firmly in the promotion places of Division 8. There is still a long way to go, but 2019 is shaping up to be another exciting and successful season for the Club.

This year we have 40 children between the ages of 5-8 involved in the ECB’s All Stars Cricket initiative, and a group of U11s who are excited to be playing their first competitive fixtures.

We are planning a Fun Day on Sunday 30th June, the highlight of which will be a ‘friendly’ game of cricket against a Bugbrooke Rugby FC XI. The bar will be open, England v India will be on the TV and there will be various stalls and activities to enjoy. Everyone is welcome, so please come and support!

If you would like to take part in our Golf Day at Whittlebury Hall on Friday 19th July then please get in touch. Last year’s event was a great success and this year’s looks even better.

Bonus Ball:
A full list of Bonus Ball winners can be found on the ‘News’ pages of our website.

The April and May 2019 winners were as follows:

06/04/19 (21) G ALLEN
04/05.19 (41) C SIMMS
13/04/19 (30) T WHITTAKER
11/05/19 (24) A J KIRKBRIDE
20/04/19 (4) D CAMBRAY
18/05/19 (3) C JOHN
27/04/2019 (10) R CAMBRAY
25/05/19 (24) A J KIRKBRIDE

Thank you to everyone who plays. If you would like to support the Club for £1 per week, but also stand the chance of winning £25 each week then please get in touch for more information.

Forthcoming Home Fixtures:

30th June: U11s v Brixworth (10am)

20th July: 2nd XI v Raunds (1pm)

6th July: 1st XI v Rushden (12:30pm)

21st July: U11s v St Crispins (10am)

13th July: 1st XI v Oundle (12:30pm)

27th July: 1st XI v Poddington (12:30pm)

More details about Heyford Cricket Club can be found on our website: www.heyfordcricket.co.uk or via social media where we can be found on both Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to get in touch you can also email us at: heyfordcricket@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.heyfordcricket.co.uk
Download the app:

At Heyford we try to mix good cricket with good fun. We play to win but we always try to play fair and we hope that all our guests will feel welcome.

The Playing Fields, Middle Street, Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire NN7 3NL

If you are approaching Heyford from the M1 (Junction 16), on the roundabout take the 1st local exit towards Upper Heyford. After about 600 metres as you enter Upper Heyford turn left (signposted Nether Heyford and Bugbrooke) Follow this narrow country lane for about 0.5 miles, until you cross a small bridge over the river. The entrance track to the Playing Fields is on your left about 30 yards past this bridge, just before you enter the village.


Heyford Bowls Club – June 2019


On the 28th April saw a good turnout for the Mixed Bowls Singles Championship, to be decided by a knock-out system of games each consisting of seven ends. An excellent series of games developed with the women coming out on top. The final turned out to be an outstanding game with some great bowling and a score of 4-4 going into the last end. It was finally won by Rosemary Haddon over Jean Culling by the score of 6-4. The Norman and Viv Browne Trophy for the highest score in one match was won by Sandy Davies with a magnificent score of 18. This is our last competition until September so time to enjoy the friendly summer games.

The ‘WARDINGTON LEAGUE’ has now ended with Nether Heyford indoor bowls team finishing a very respectable second. We were presented with a cup for runners up at the end of the season closing competition at Moreton Pinkney. £800 was raised for charity over the season’s games and distributed between four worthy charities. 

For more bowls club information please visit our website:


Den Taylor


At the time of writing it’s won three, lost three, in our friendly matches. The weather has been pretty average as well. In June we shall be at home on :-

Saturday 1st Byfield 2.30
Monday 3rd West End 6.30
Thursday 6th West Haddon 6.30
Sunday 9th Cogenhoe 2.30
Saturday 22nd Harpole 2.30
Saturday 29th Ladies Day 2.00

There’s also a first-time event taking place later this month that I don’t want to say too much about at this time. All will be revealed next month. Intrigued? Watch this space

Geoff Allen – 01327 349909



Heyford Bowls Club – May 2019


The ‘LADIES PAIRS’ Competition was played on 23rd March and saw six teams contesting for the trophy. After a number of elimination games of six ends, the two highest scorers would then proceed to the final. This produced an excellent standard of bowling, which was maintained throughout the competition. The final was won by JEAN CULLIN and PAULINE THACKRAY over ROSEMARY DUNKLEY and PAULINE GROOM, by the score of 11 to 3.

Our last competition until September, ‘THE MIXED PAIRS’ will have been played on the 27th April, which will be reported on in the next issue. A very entertaining fixture, the OUTDOOR v INDOOR has unfortunately had to be postponed until a later date.

The ‘WARDINGTON LEAGUE’ matches are now finished and were enjoyed by all
who took part.

For more bowls club information please visit our website:


Den Taylor


We have to admit that our green is not looking as pristine as we would like it. A combination of winter weather conditions and an unexplained reason why our seed did not germinate as usual has led to some bare patches. However, we are hoping the warmer weather will improve the situation.

Our home matches in May are:

Saturday 4th Northampton BBOB 2:30 pm

Sunday 12th Kingsthorpe 2:30 pm

Monday 20th Roade 6:30 pm

Thursday 23rd Daventry Town 6:30 pm

Saturday 25th Internal Drawn Triples 2 pm

On Sunday 26th we will be holding an Open Day from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm, when
anyone, any age, can come along and try bowls. All you need are a pair of flat
soled shoes (although we can supply these as well). Everything else we provide.
Give it a go; we’ll be pleased to see you.

Geoff Allen – 01327 349909



Heyford Bowls Club – April 2019


Our last match in the Wardington League was played on the 6th February at
Boddington. It proved to be a hard fought game. Heyford lost the match with a loss
on one mat and a draw on the other.

Our next club competition, the MIXED SINGLES, will be played on Saturday 27th
April, start time 1.30pm. This will be very highly contested, so names down please
in the usual way.

Our annual fixture, the outdoor v the indoor, which seems to come round very
quickly, will be played on the outdoor green on Saturday 20th April, start at 2pm.
This game of course will depend on green condition and weather.

Thanks to all our members, good support is being maintained at our Wednesday
bowling sessions.

For more bowls club information please visit our website:


Den Taylor


April sees the start of the outdoor bowls season. At the time of writing we don’t know when the green will be open. That will be decided at the next committee meeting on 2nd April. What we do know is that the first home game will be against the club’s short mat section on Saturday 20th April, the same day as the Quiz Night in the Village Hall at 7.00pm. A week later our first game against another club is at Cogenhoe.

Also, on the social front our Fish and Chip supper night is on Saturday 6th April in the Village Hall.

More next month on our Open Day on Sunday 26th May. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Heyford Bowls Club, give me a call. I won’t bite.

Geoff Allen