Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan Update – April 2022


Update on our Neighbourhood Plan (2021-2029)

At the March Parish Council meeting the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group presented the details of the public consultation, and subsequent proposed amendments to the Draft Plan. As the qualifying body the Parish Council have to review and formally approve any changes to the Draft Plan. This is a statutory step prior to formal submission. In summary the changes approved related to strengthening some policies and making a number of technical changes as a result of feedback from the WNC Planning Team.

There was significant discussion around the allocation of the Bugbrooke Road site (SNC310), for primarily educational purposes. As a result of this discussion, it was agreed that this allocation was in the best long-term interest of the village. It was also recognised that this could take a number of years to bring to fruition given the funding requirements and the complexity of undertaking a school relocation.

Detailed responses to all the questions raised from the consultation, including from WNC and Persimmon Homes are now available on the NHP website,, as is the latest revision of the Draft Plan.

Subject to a further independent review of the Draft Plan and the completion of some associated formal documents, the Parish Council will make a formal submission to WNC. WNC will review the submission to ensure it meets all the statutory requirements prior to being sent to a planning inspector.

If the planning inspector approves the plan, then WNC will organise a simple yes/no referendum for the village, and assuming a simple ‘yes’ majority the plan becomes ‘made’. This in essence means it is legally enforceable and sits under the umbrella of the Local Development Plan for this area. As previously mentioned, the benefits of having a ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plan for our village are significant both in terms of future development and protecting and enhancing our current assets.

After 5 years or so of significant work, it is timely that our plan moves to its conclusion. With changes to our local councils, their inherited economic pressures and the fluctuations in national directives in how and where to build, it’s important that we are able show evidence of the needs and wishes of people who live in the parish, and to have a formal plan that protects those needs and wishes.

Tom Clewett. Tom Dodd, Tony Williams of the NHNHP group.

Published in the April 2022 Edition of The Prattler

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Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan 2021-2029

Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan 2021-2029

Neighbourhood planning regulations (Regulation 14) require the draft neighbourhood plan proposal to be the subject of a pre-submission consultation before it is submitted to the local authority for independent examination.

The Parish Council are now undertaking a period of consultation for 6 weeks (1st October to 12th November).

Villagers and businesses around the Parish are invited to read The Plan and if they have any comments or suggestions, submit them to the Parish Clerk:

Mr Guy Ravine, 63 Furnace Lane, Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, NN7 3JS

Comments can also be sent by email:

A form for comments can be found here, which can be saved and sent electronically, or printed off and posted, or left with any member of the Parish Council. There will be some printed blank forms at all the places where the printed versions of the plan can be found.

The closing date for the Clerk to receive comments is Friday 12th November 2021. All comments received by the end of the consultation period will be considered conscientiously by the Parish Council. All representations will be considered, but it is legitimate for the neighbourhood plan body to take a different view, and provide a rationale for their judgement to the external examiner.

Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan 2021-2029 Executive Summary extracts:

The Localism Act 2011 gives Parish Councils and other relevant bodies powers to prepare Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) to help guide development in their local areas. Once ‘made’, a Neighbourhood Plan becomes a statutory document forming part of the ‘Development Framework’ and sits alongside the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (adopted in 2014), the South Northamptonshire Part 2 Local Plan (adopted 2020), and since 2021, the West Northamptonshire Council policies. This means that any development applications will be determined in accordance with this plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The Neighbourhood Area covers the whole of the Nether Heyford parish. It is a long established, well recognised and clearly defined area, entirely within the remit of Nether Heyford Parish Council (as the ‘qualifying body’). The parish incorporates the village of Nether Heyford, where the majority of residents live and which has a clear physical and social identity, together with the surrounding rural area. A steering group comprising Parish Councillors and local residents was established in June 2016 to progress work on the plan.

Public Consultation
In order to ensure that everyone who wanted to had an opportunity to share their thoughts on the aims and content of the Plan, a number of events, maildrops, face to face meetings and questionnaires have been used to maximise community input. Regular updates and feedback have been given via the village Prattler and the Neighbourhood Plan Website. An Open Day drew on the residents’ thoughts about the village, and a subsequent household survey was delivered to every property in the area. A Consultation Event presented results and shared information gathered, and an independent household needs survey and independent site assessments were undertaken. There were some postponements of meetings and communications due to the Covid Pandemic, although work continued to progress the Plan throughout.

By 2029, Nether Heyford will have retained and celebrated its historic rural village character, by protecting and enhancing the appeal and uniqueness of the Parish of Nether Heyford, and will have ensured that any housing development opportunities have been sustainable and appropriate to the identified housing need of villagers. It is a place where people want to and are enabled to live, work and contribute, now and in future generations.

Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan 2021-2029

Full Plan & Supporting Documentation:

Consultation Version – 58 pages – PDF

Executive Summary – 8 pages – PDF

Supporting Documentation – 264 pages – PDF


Sue Corner – Neighbourhood Plan – October 2020


For Sue

It is with great sadness that we learned of the untimely death earlier today, Sunday 20th September, of our friend and colleague, Sue Corner. Sue was our Secretary and Treasurer but, more importantly, our driving force and inspiration. It was Sue, in her role as Chair of the Planning Committee on the Parish Council, that proposed that the village should prepare a Neighbourhood Plan during 2016 and in June of that year oversaw the first meeting of parishioners who had volunteered to join the group.

Sue has been instrumental in getting the Plan developed as far as it currently stands and notwithstanding her illness, still contributed to meetings earlier this year. Just recently, Sue met with us at the allotments, socially distanced as requested, and leaving nothing undone, she discussed next actions for the Group and who could help us to take her ideas forward. Her loss is a body blow to the Group – but be in no doubt, we will use our best endeavours to complete the Plan as she envisioned it.

Thank you, Sue, a lovely friend and a great inspiration.

Tony Clewett, Chair, on behalf of all of the Neighbourhood Planning Group.

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Letters: Neighbourhood Plan

Many of you will have read the Neighbourhood Plan article in the September issue of the Prattler.

I would like to point out that after reading it I could not believe that there was a glaring gap in the content.

Sue Corner, who happens to be my wife, and who is seriously ill with a brain tumour, has, until this March, worked many hundreds of hours, attending dozens of meetings, both in the village and outside, sometimes as far away as Evesham.

She has meticulously kept all records covering all aspects of this Plan. Not one word of her tireless input to this plan was included in this article.

I am deeply angered and saddened that the “leading lights” have not recognised in print the massive contribution Sue has made to this plan.

Bill Corner

Sue died on Saturday 19th September.

Neighbourhood Plan – September 2020


Update on our Neighbourhood Plan

Its been a little while since we were able to give an update – lockdown has understandably slowed down communications and the processes we need to push our plans forward. However, the cogs are beginning to turn again and we have been making the most of Zoom meetings with our colleagues!

An important next step is to organise a Strategic Environmental Assessment of our Plan. This SEA is a systematic process for evaluating the environmental implications of our proposed Neighbourhood Plan, providing a means for looking at any cumulative effects of our policies, and how to address them at the earliest stage of our decision making, alongside economic and social considerations. In these more enlightened times, the SEA can provide adequate responses to environmental and climate change problems, which can adversely affect our environmental and climate resilience, and offers opportunities to enhance low-carbon development. Although there are no major issues anticipated, our environment here in the village does determine whether areas of land identified for possible development could be used or not. For example, if the tract of land is in a flood zone from the River Nene or other waterways, the assessment clarifies that it would be unsuitable, or that it may not be cost effective to develop. We also have a conservation area and a number of listed buildings to consider.

It is useful to keep in mind the scope of the Plan. The latest housing needs assessment completed by Midlands Rural Housing (conducting an independent and objective survey), concluded that there is an identified need for 12 affordable rented homes, 6 shared ownership homes and some open market homes. 25 households identified that they would like to move home but remain in the village. 11 of these are deemed as suitably housed in their current accommodation. 17 of the 25 households would like to relocate to 2-bedroom bungalows. A number of respondents said they would be like to ‘self-build’ their next home. These have been included in the number that expressed a desire for open market housing.

On average, 21 market homes are sold in the village each year. The need identified through the survey for open market housing could be met through these sales without a requirement for new build development. This would of course be dependent upon the type of homes sold, and the type required, e.g. the sale of large family homes would be unsuitable for those wishing to downsize to single storey accommodation and vice versa. The full document will shortly be available to view on our website at:

Since our last update, there has also been an independent survey of the sites which were put forward as available to develop. More details on this in our next bulletin, as well as a revised timescale to completion following the impact of the Coronavirus. We are grateful to Tony Williams who has stepped up to become a member of our core group, bringing his knowledge of planning and local systems from his role on the Parish Council.

Tony Clewett, Tom Dodd, Tony Williams and the NHNPG Group

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Neighbourhood Plan – February 2020


Happy New Year everyone!

This is the year we should complete our neighbourhood plan, and after satisfying an independent inspection, we will offer it to the village through a referendum exercise for its adoption.

Thanks to everyone who filled out the short survey that was sent to every house just before Christmas. This is to update our information about the local housing need, and enables us to consider this in the light of what space is available throughout the village.

People who returned surveys were once again put into our prize draw for £100, and we’re pleased to announce Mr and Mrs Goodman, who live on the Green, as our winners!

Midlands Rural Housing managed the survey, and drew the lucky winners from over 270 returns.


Our Chair, Tony Clewett presented them with their cheque, and we were amazed to find that Mr Goodman had been in the village for 80 years, and the cottage had been in his family since the year of the Great Exhibition (1851), the year that Yale locks, Singer sewing machines and refrigerators were patented!. The property has a fascinating history, and once had a brook flowing through the garden – even some floors had to be dug out so that people didn’t bump their heads on the beams. We hope they enjoy spending their £100 prize.

The village achieved a 38% return rate on the survey, which is considered to be a very good response. We’ll present the findings in detail next month, once the analysis report has been completed by Midlands Rural Housing.

Early findings reflect the need for affordable rented accommodation and the need for small two bedded bungalows for people who already own properties within the village. MRH say that data from their review shows that first time buyers have more or less found themselves priced out of rural areas. They account for 30% of all mortgaged products in South Northants, compared with 53% in urban areas. Affordability is the main reason for this. Also, they found that over the last 5 years, Nether Heyford has, on the whole seen an increase in open market property values, across all property types. Prices have increased by £64,111 on average; a rise of almost 23%. Research suggests that properties come to the market in the village on a fairly frequent basis. 107 sales have completed since December 2014; 21 per year on average. However, MRH found that the house types to have increased in value are mainly terraced homes and flats. Decreasing values have been seen for some mainly terraced homes and flats. Decreasing values have been seen for some detached and semidetached properties.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group will get back up to speed now and prepare the plan for the next steps. We have to review the now completed independent evaluation of the sites available around the village, and see how this fits with MRH’s latest survey of need. We will be able to reflect on any changes since our last survey, and plan accordingly for the future.

Once again, there is an open invitation to any villager who would like to join us in our open meetings usually held on the last Thursday of the month, at 7.30pm at the Youth Club in Robert’s Field.

Tony Clewett, Tom Dodd, Sue Corner and the NHNPG Group

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Neighbourhood Plan – November 2019


This month we are asking for an update on the housing needs in our village – unbelievably its been nearly 3 years since you told us all about not only your housing aspirations, but also many ideas about heritage, roads, green spaces, business, etc. We have built many of these ideas into our draft Neighbourhood Plan, and shared with you the sites around the village where there is potential for any small developments.

In order to satisfy our examiner and to reassure both villagers and landowners, we are working with partners at Midlands Rural Housing to update any details about people who are looking to move within the village – be they young families, single people or downsizers – and the types of accommodation they’re looking for (for example affordable, rented, plots for self build). Midlands Rural Housing will handle the returns and analysis of surveys, ensuring an objective statement of what our needs are in 2019/2020.

The short surveys will be with everyone (the Neighbourhood Plan Group will post them through everyone’s letterbox) before the end of November. Once again, we’re pleased to offer a £100 prize draw for entrants. If everyone can complete just the first part, and then the remaining questions if you are looking to move, we’ll have up to date numbers that we can use in the plan. The survey will be short (unlike our first Neighbourhood Plan survey!) and if anyone needs support to fill it in, all the members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group will be on hand to help. Please post returns by the date that will be on the letter inside, and don’t forget to include your prize draw ticket for a chance of winning £100.

The Neighbourhood Plan is built on the support and ideas of our villagers, so thanks in advance for your help in making the plan both as up to date as possible, and robust in its recommendations.

Tony Clewett, Tom Dodd, Sue Corner and the NHNPG Group

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Neighbourhood Plan – July 2019


The next meeting will be on 25th July at 7:30 pm in the Youth Club. Everyone is welcome to attend.


The next meeting will be on 25th July at 7:30 pm in the Youth Club. Everyone is welcome to attend.




The next meeting will be on 25th July at 7:30 pm in the Youth Club. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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