The Story of Heyford (Extra): Dear Diary – December 1959

December 1959

Dear Diary,

This year has been special to me because I went on a school trip to Germany for 10 days. I didn’t think I’d be able to go as it cost £20 but mum, bless her, got a job in the kitchens on the M1 building site where the offices are, so that she could pay £1 a week. I saved the £6 pocket money we were allowed to take by running errands for Mrs. Davis at The Olde Sun over to Sid Capel’s butchers shop. There were 12 Marks to the Pound so we had to work out roughly how much things cost. We had to take extra clothes including spare shoes, 2 handkerchiefs and a full change of underwear. I bought a 12 film for my Brownie camera. We stayed in Boppard on The Rhine, visiting several interesting places including Cologne Cathedral where I have a photo of me and Jane at the top with a view of The Rhine. I’ll never forget this wonderful experience.

Christmas is nearly here and the girls in my class each made a Christmas cake at school, a picture of which was in the Chronicle & Echo. This year I have some money to buy my own presents so I’m meeting my friend Janet in town on Saturday to shop. We’ll start at Woolworths I think. Mum and Dad are planning an evening at the pub because they are open until 11 o’clock, half hour more than other nights so I shall write out my Christmas cards and wrap my presents when I get home. I hope we’ve got plenty of brown paper and string.

On Sunday we are having a Christmas concert in church and the choir have been rehearsing. It’s mostly Christmas carols, just one short anthem, and everybody joins in. I’m looking forward to this. The crib is in place where everybody can see it and the ladies will fill huge pots with Christmas roses and holly. Mum and Dad are even coming for a change.

I warned the chickens that they don’t have long left as dad is hoping to pluck and draw one for Christmas lunch. I dare say I shall help him. He’ll wring its neck, which I don’t watch, then he gets me to hold it while he pulls out its innards (they don’t half stink), then there’ll be feathers everywhere when he plucks it. He’ll pick the Brussels ‘yuk’, carrots and spuds from the garden and the Christmas pudding is made – we all had a stir for luck. Hope I get the silver thrupenny bit again this year, it’s usually in my piece, I must just be lucky. If my cousin comes I bet he’ll get one as well, though he’s only 4 so he could swallow it.

We have a huge table in our living room so we can seat us all round it for dinner. We have some home-made Crackers to pull, a tin of salmon for tea plus the Christmas cake I made, and plenty of coal in the shed for the fires, one in the living room and one in the front room, which is a rarity. After dinner I bet we have a sing song. Mum will play the piano and we join in the songs we all know. Her latest favourites are Three Coins in a Fountain by Frank Sinatra and Oh My Pappa by Eddie Fisher, then she’ll revert back to the good old War songs that the oldies know, and Christmas Carols of course. I wish she’d learn to play a bit of Elvis Presley.

After this the grown-ups will fall asleep, especially if they’ve had a beer or a glass of sherry and I might help my cousin do a bit of colouring because he will no doubt get a new colouring book and pencils for Christmas, that’s to keep him quiet for a while I expect. I might read my School Friend with Dilly Dream which my auntie usually buys me and my cousin will probably get a book as well. Neither of us know what else we’ll get because we don’t get to choose, we get whatever our parents can afford, but we drop hints. All we need now is a bit of snow.


Letter published in The Prattler – December edition 2020

Letters: RNLI Lifeboat Fund – Sandy Davis

Lifeboat Fund

Mrs Sandra Davis would like to express her heartfelt thanks to all the people who donated towards supporting the RNLI. This is a very worthy cause and was always supported by her late husband Norman.

Sandy has always tried to raise funds for the lifeboats, to keep up the good work Norman started. Incidentally the main source of the RNLI’s income is from donations given by the generosity of the general public. Therefore it is easy to see what a worthy undertaking raising funds for them is.

Sandy has worked very hard promoting this cause and the funds raised were taken down to the Yarmouth and Gorlestone Lifeboat Station. Sandy has just received a letter of appreciation from the Lifeboat Association thanking her for all her hard work and support. She was also informed of the amount of money she recently raised. It came to the magnificent total of £615.94. Once again thank you for all your donations, help and generosity.

Sandy Davis

Published November Edition 2020

Letters: RNLI Thank you for your ongoing support – Sandy Davis

Thank you for your ongoing support

It is good news to report Sandy is still receiving monetary support to be donated to
the Gorleston branch of the RNLI.

A monthly raffle organised by Sandy on an ‘INDOOR BOWLS CLUB’ afternoon is steadily raising more funds for the Yarmouth Lifeboats. They very much appreciate all the hard work put in by Mrs Davis. The branch has three life boats to maintain, and most of the money to keep them operating is raised by public donations.

A thank you to all the ‘INDOOR BOWLING CLUB’ members for their generosity in supporting this very worthy cause.

All monies raised will be given personally by Sandy at the Gorleston RNLI branch in Great Yarmouth. Sandy is a dedicated collector for the RNLI and anyone who would like to donate please contact Sandy on 07759 007 279.

Sandy Davis

Published February Edition 2020

Letters: RNLI Thank You Again – Sandy Davis

Thank you once again for your support

Mrs Davis has posted a £10 cheque that was given to her to the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston branch of the RNLI based in Yarmouth. They have once again written a thank you letter to her for her kind thoughts in supporting their lifeboats.

As we all know most of their support is raised by public donations. Therefore it is easy to see why they appreciate so much the support and money raised by so many dedicated and hard working people.

Further donations have already been given to Sandy and she would very much like to thank them for their generosity and kindness. All money raised will be donated to the Great Yarmouth Lifeboats who have done so much in saving lives over many years. Sandy is a dedicated collector for the RNLI and anyone who would like to donate, please contact Sandy on 07759 007279.

Sandy Davis

Published December Edition 2019

Letters: RNLI Thank You – Sandy Davis

Thank you for your Support

After donating the £100 personally by Sandy at the Lifeboat Station in Yarmouth, the following thank-you letter was received.

“On behalf of the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston branch of the RNLI thank you for your generous donation of £100 in memory of your dear husband and thank you again for choosing us to benefit.

This is the second donation and we do appreciate the donation. We thank you again for your kindness and our thoughts are with you at this sad time and we hope you draw strength from your family and friends.

June R Fuller, Hon Treasurer”

It is good news to report that Sandy has already received further donations. The RNLI is a wonderful organisation where people are prepared to risk their lives to save others.

Anyone who would like to donate please contact Sandy on 07759 007 279.

Sandy Davis

Published November Edition 2019

Letters: Thank You from Sandy Davis – October 2019

A thank you from Sandy Davis

My husband Norman was a great supporter of the RNLI and at the time of the September Prattler £140 had already been raised. It is a pleasure to announce another £100 of donations has now been given bringing the total to £240. This has been donated in person by Sandy to the ‘GREAT YARMOUTH LIFE BOAT’.

Letter received from RNLI – “Dear Mrs Davis, on behalf of the YARMOUTH and GORLESTONE branch of the RNLI I thank you for your very generous donation of £140 in memory of your dear husband. We do appreciate all donations; we have three boats to maintain which service the ‘NORTH SEA’, the ‘NIVEL’ and ‘BREYDON WATER’, also the southern broads and also we have life guards on our beach to safeguard families. We offer our deepest sympathy at this very sad time and hope you drew strength from family and friends. Kind regards, June Fuller, Hon Treasurer.”

The further £100 has also been donated in person by Sandy at RNLI headquarters in Great Yarmouth. A thank you letter is expected and will be published in the November Prattler.

Sandy is still hoping to raise more funds for the RNLI and any future donations, at any time, will be gratefully appreciated. If anyone would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please contact Sandy on 07759 007 279.

Letters: Norman Trevor Davis – September 2019

Norman Trevor Davis

I would like to say thank you for all the support I have received after the death of my husband, Norman.

Thank you for all the cards and flowers and especially to Norman’s family, my family, friends and neighbours, (including former neighbours) for their love and support. Also thank you to the Bowls Club members for their help and support at this difficult time.

I would also like to thank Peter Wylie for the lovely service, and all the relatives and friends who attended the funeral.

Norman supported the RNLI and to date donations have totalled £140:00 which I was able to pass on to them.

Last of all, I would like to thank Den Taylor for the help he gave Norman and myself before and after Norman’s death, including walking the two dogs, which meant I was able to be with Norman in the hospital.

Sandy Davis