Northamptonshire Carers – New virtual online meetings via zoom

Northamptonshire Carers were running Carer support groups in Towcester and Brackley. As things have changed they have now moved to hosting online group meetings via the popular platform Zoom in order to support and help carers during these challenging times.

The Drop in Zooms will entail having a cuppa and a chat, having some fun doing a quiz and also learning some useful relaxation techniques.

Carers Enquiry Line: 01933 677837 | Carers Support Line: 01933 677907

Northamptonshire Carers. Registered Charity No 1061417. For further information on Northamptonshire Carers or to donate, please visit our website:

Hayley Brown – Group Worker at Northamptonshire Carers

Great British September Clean – Saturday 19th September 2020


Great British September Clean Up – Nether Heyford 

The clean up of our village which was cancelled earlier this year will now take place on Saturday 19th September.

Litter Pickers can be loaned from Sunrise Cottage, 15 The Green. Disposable gloves are also available.

If people can let me know which location they are cleaning, we can ensure that the whole village is cleared. Also if you can let me know the number of sacks / bags you have picked up, I can notify the Keep Britain Tidy Group.

Sue Boutle – Editor – The Prattler –

Please ensure that you follow the 2020 Coronavirus guidelines to make sure that everyone stays safe while doing their bit for the environment and being part of the pick.

For more information on this national campaign from Keep Britain Tidy visit the Great British September Clean website


Heyford Singers – April 2020


A few weeks ago we went to see a wonderful production of “The King and I’” at the Milton Keynes theatre. The story and its history, the songs and music are familiar to us, but we were intrigued by the scenes that focused on Anna demanding her own house! For those new to the story, it is about an English governess, Anna who is contracted to teach the numerous children of the King of Siam. The promise of having her own house doesn’t happen, so during those long months Anna focuses on teaching only songs, rhymes, stories, historical and geographical information all about houses, and homes, until the king finally relents!

Fast forward a month and it seems uncanny that we are all now looking towards spending considerably more time in our own houses, our own homes, away from other people. A house is bricks and mortar, but a home is what we fill it with, it is what makes it unique, our personal choices, our comforts, our memories, our family links, etc. And in the days ahead we have the opportunity, and time, to perhaps selfishly indulge in all these personal attributes. Radio, television, the phone and the computer connect us with the outside world, and that is very important. But so is giving ourselves time for other things, and I don’t necessarily mean clearing out the loft or a massive spring clean! There are books to be read, hobbies ‘laid aside” when too busy with other tasks, promised letters to distant friends or family, collections of photographs to be organised, and so on.

But let’s consider the music, the songs, even dancing that could entertain us in the weeks ahead. Here are a few idle thoughts, even a few challenges, to keep those little black notes dancing in our heads and in our lives …

  • By all means keep up to date with radio and television news, but it can become all embracing and somewhat depressing, so why not change channel and listen to music for a while. It is medically accepted that listening to music has a very calming effect and can make you feel more relaxed.
  • Step out of your comfort zone for a short while and listen to a different form of music to your usual preference. Folk, jazz, pop, classical, country and western, light opera – give it a try!
  • Sort out those CDs that are acquiring dust on the shelves, play them, turn up the volume, and sing along! It is wonderful how the words of Beatles songs come roaring back, a real feel good factor.
  • Or if you secretly regret never having been given apart in the film of “Mamma
    Mia” (or another musical) now is the opportunity to play the DVD or the CD,
    and sing, sing … and dance along.
  • Is there an instrument lying forlornly unplayed in the house, bypassed for busier pursuits? Get it out, play the ivories or the strings, and make music!
  • If you want something more quiet and contemplative think of that desert island. What eight special pieces of music would you choose to take, and why? I’m sure that most of us, at one time or another, have compiled our own list of favourite music. You could even send them to me – what a lovely idea for the May Prattler!

We’ve all probably seen the delightful video of Italians standing on their individual balconies and singing. Then there have been the various, and some quite imaginative ways to sing or dance through the 20 second hand washing time. And no doubt other inventive musical activities will come about in the days ahead. So keep playing, listening, singing, dancing and enjoying music – it is a rich world and it is so good for the soul!

Heyford Singers has understandably postponed all its rehearsals and spring concert in May. The title for the concert was “Let Us Entertain You” and we will again……soon!

Take care, look after yourselves and each other.

Jill Langrish


If you would like to find out more, visit the Heyford Singers page or our website:

 alternatively come along to one of our rehearsals in Nether Heyford Village Hall.


Nether Heyford W.I. – April 2020


The March Meeting was an interesting and eye-opening evening for some of the WI members who thought they couldn’t paint! Michael Peachey, an artist for nearly sixty years, coaxed several members to contribute to a ‘sea-scape’ painting, provided amusing stories in between and showed several examples of his work.

Sadly, along with the rest of the country, we are having to cancel our meetings until further notice. As a nationwide organisation we do not do this lightly and, along with the other groups in the village, we know how much these meetings contribute to the community feeling for which Nether Heyford is known and loved. We wish all the Prattler readers good health in the next few months and hope to see Nether Heyford WI Ladies looking hale, hearty and ready to organise our 90th Birthday celebrations later in the year.

Until then, take care.

Mary Rice – Heyford Lodge – 01327 340101


Rising Star Sports – April 2020

Rising Stars Sports

“My name is Theo and I’m 8 years old. I have been going to Rising Stars Sports club for 3 years during the holidays. I like all the sports especially ball games because it involves moving around lots and throwing balls.”

“I enjoy going to Rising Stars Sports because I can keep active and make friends while having fun.” Alfie-Jack

I am so pleased to see how Rising Stars Sports has developed over the years since the business started. Each school holiday we’re able to run multiple camps with participant numbers reaching between 15-20! I am very lucky to have full support from the Bliss Charity School. We are able to use their sports equipment, the school hall and the playground. It is also handy having the village green to use as this allows us to run a greater variety of sports.

Our numbers are increasing with children not only from the Bliss Charity school, but also other schools in the local area. I am really pleased with this as it allows the children to meet new friends and keeps more local children active, having fun and learning new skills during the holidays.

For details on our next camps please visit our website: or contact us via email:

FacebookTwitterLinkedin  | Phone: 07428 411384

Jodie Caller

Village Hall – Events Update – April 2020

Village Hall Fete
It is with great regret, due to uncertain times, the events committee has had to postpone the Fete this summer and has provisionally set a new date 5th June 2021 (provisional)

Garage Sale
The garage Sale has been postponed until later in the year and a provisional date of September 20th 2020 has been proposed. Those who have paid will get a full refund. The current list of applicants will be kept on file.

We will keep you up to date with dates and events in the Prattler.

Keep safe

Pat Paterson


Nether Heyford Garage Sale – NOW Spring 2021


Nether Heyford Village Hall are pleased to announce the return of the popular Village Garage Sale in 2020.  Sunday 19th April 2020 – 10am – 4pm

BUYERS: The village hall is the place for buyers to start at 10am, when doors open and the map of all the registered garages is available.

Refreshments & maps available in the village hall throughout the day from 10am to 4pm.

SELLERS: It costs only £7.50 to register your garage on the map. Please contact either Eve or Patricia before the closing date of Sunday 5th April.

Eve Matthews, 19 Watery Lane, 07540 599904

Patricia Paterson, 1A Watery Lane, 01327 340992


Nether Heyford Village Hall on Google Maps

Village Hall website:


Heyford Singers – March 2020


This month we follow the journey of a passionate, war torn, emotional story – from book to film, play to musical stage show, radio to TV series, and eventually to Heyford Singers’ spring concert 2020.

‘Les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, is considered one of the greatest novels of the 19th century. It was originally divided into five volumes, each volume then divided into several books, totalling 365 chapters! It is a blazing pageant of life and death at the barricades of the political and social revolution in nineteenth century France. The story follows the life of Jean Valjean, released after serving 19 years in jail for having stolen a loaf of bread for his sister’s starving child. He later breaks parole, and police inspector, Javert, determines to hunt him down and return him to prison. Factor in beggars, factory workers, “ladies of the night”, a bishop, an innkeeper and his wife, a young child, rebellious students, the police and young lovers, and the ingredients are set for a truly emotional, turbulent, and epic story. Victor Hugo drew his inspiration for the book from what he saw and heard in Paris, recording impressions in his diary. In 1846, he witnessed an altercation between an old woman scavenging through rubbish and a street urchin; he personally gathered information about working-class people’s wages and living standards, about life in a convent, the toil and drudgery of different industries, the battle worn lives of those who had recently fought at Waterloo.

Thirty five years after the book’s initial publication the Lumiere Brothers made a short film of ‘Les Miserables’; the film industry then seized upon this epic story, resulting in over 50 versions having since been made for the screen!

In 1985 The RSC and the theatre impresario, Cameron Macintosh joined forces to produce a musical stage show of ‘Les Miserables’, and the music, songs and dance sequences took the story into a new dimension. Those who have seen the stage show will remember how the music surges through the theatre as chairs, tables, cartwheels and barrels are used to create the changing sets. Rousing songs such as “Red and Black”, “Do You Hear The People Sing” feature beside the tear jerking “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”. There are many more memorable songs and tunes.

In December 2012, the world’s longest-running musical was brought to the big screen in Tom Hooper’s sweeping and spectacular interpretation of Victor Hugo’s epic tale, although the general consensus was that no amount of cinematic spectacle could replace a live stage performance.

In 2015 the BBC commissioned ‘Les Miserables’ as a radio drama with Joss Ackland and Roger Allam, 25 episodes lasting nearly six hours in total, and during which the many themes were explored in the greatest detail.

At the start of 2019 there was the long awaited BBC serialisation of ‘Les Miserables’, directed by Andrew Davies and starring Dominic West, David Oyelowo and Lily Collins. The six hourly episodes enabled a very long and complicated book to unwind slowly so that viewers could appreciate the true scope of the events ……… without being distracted by the songs!

Maybe you have read the book, seen the stage show, listened to the radio series, or watched a film of ‘Les Miserables’? We each have our particular preference for the way that the story is told.

Heyford Singers humble contribution to this inspiring story is to perform a few of the wonderful songs from the musical version during our forthcoming spring concert, entitled “LET US ENTERTAIN YOU” on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May. We do hope that you will be able to join us, and continue along the journey of this most wonderful story …… ‘Les Miserables’

Jill Langrish


If you would like to find out more, visit the Heyford Singers page or our website:

 alternatively come along to one of our rehearsals in Nether Heyford Village Hall.