Opportunities down the Playing Fields

Volunteer Opportunities – Playing Fields Association Committee (Heyford Sports Club)

Down the playing fields, we’ve got a range of sports and activities that cater for just about everyone’s needs and are as good as anywhere in the county and maybe the country.

We recognise that the social area and changing rooms are now past their sell by date, fortunately we’ve got a small group of people who are focusing on getting new changing rooms in place, that will serve us for many years into the future.

What we are now looking for is some new people to come onto the playing fields committee and some additional volunteers who just want to ‘lend a hand’ on jobs like cutting the grass.

Getting involved does require some commitment, however in return you’ll get an enormous amount of satisfaction from seeing how the facilities are enjoyed by so many people from the village and the local community.

If you’d like to understand a bit more about what’s involved as a committee member or as a volunteer to ‘lend a hand’, with no obligation, please pick up the phone and call:

Chris Andrews 07880 996511

Jeff Buck 07808 705767

(Extract from The Prattler March 2023)


Heyford Sports Club (Nether Heyford Playing Fields Association) – est. 1986

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Heyford Scout Group – Christmas Card Postal Service 2020

Heyford Scout Group Christmas Card Collection

Heyford Scout Group are still planning to offer a Christmas Card delivery service this year, but organised a little differently due to current restrictions. There will be no door to door collections but we hope to have some post boxes in key village locations, with extra hygiene precautions for handling and posting out the cards.

Further details will be in the December Prattler.

November edition of The Prattler 2020

The group intend is to offer a Christmas Card service to the village this year, assuming that the current national coronavirus lockdown is lifted on December 2nd. However if at time of publication the lockdown has been extended we regret we will not be able to go ahead.

If we can proceed the collection will work differently this year.

From 2nd December postboxes will be placed in the One Stop Shop, Heyford Meats, the Foresters and the Olde Sun. There will also be a post box in Bliss School. Last posting date will be 16th December.

If you have cards you would like delivered please post in one of these, in a sealed bag with your payment of 20p per card. All cards will be sorted and then quarantined for at least 48 hours before they are delivered by adults from the group on the weekend 19th/20th December, we will take appropriate hygiene precautions during delivery.

We will keep you updated via the Prattler website and village/Scout Group Facebook pages, if the post boxes appear in their locations that means we are going ahead !

Heyford Scout Group wish all of the village a Happy Christmas.

December edition of The Prattler 2020

Latest Update: Heyford Scout Group Christmas Card Collection

Regrettably, following notice of Northamptonshire being placed in Tier 2 until at least Dec 16th, and taking into account advice from our local councillors, Heyford Scout Group have had to cancel our Christmas Card Collection this year. We are sorry for any disappointment this causes, but hope you understand why we have had to make this decision. We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and look forward to being back next year.

Shirley Waterhouse on Facebook 28th November

Heyford Scout Group – Update April 2019


Scouts, cubs and beavers continue to be busy and active, The Scouts have been doing a lot of work towards badges, with two completed and a third in progress. A camp is planned for the summer.

The Beavers were successful in the Daventry District Handicraft Competition, with 3rd place overall in the Colony Project and a second place in the individual handicraft competition. You can view their certificates on our open Facebook page.

Cubs have been learning about woodwork with the help of a local expert working with the leaders and are planning a joint first aid course with the Youth Club.

Do you have a skill or talent that you might be able to share with some of our young people ? We would be really pleased to hear from anyone who would be interested in working with our leaders for a session or two on this basis.

As always you can contact us through our Heyford Scouts Page on The Prattler, or on Facebook www.facebook.com/heyfordscouts