Heyford Amblers – Children in Need Walk October 2020

Heyford Amblers


On Sunday 11th October Heyford Amblers walked to Flore and back in aid of Children In Need. It was glorious weather and we spoke to fishermen, boaters, dog walkers, football supporters and horse riders along the way, also enjoying the morning sun. There were 15 of us socially distancing along the canal towpath and back through Heyford Mill. We all contributed a fiver, as did some who couldn’t join us, and we have sent off our donation of £100.

We look forward to meeting up again but can’t be sure when that will be.

Mick & Shirley Collins

‘ALLO, ‘ALLO – It’s Heyford Amblers

‘ALLO, ‘ALLO – It’s Heyford Amblers



You might wonder what a bar full of Yvettes & Renes has to do with a village walking group. Well, I’ll tell you.

In 2002 we were both made redundant when Express Lifts & British Timken closed their doors and we were a year or three short of getting a State Pension so were keen to find hobbies that didn’t cost anything. We put an advert in The Prattler to see if anyone would be interested in forming a walking group and the rest, as they say, is history.

The first few years we walked every Tuesday morning from the village and once a month from further afield. Our Autumn break took us to places like Yorkshire and Derbyshire and an 8 mile walk was the norm, with a pint or two half way. Move forward a few years and we came closer to home, to The Cotswolds and The Malverns, for a 6 mile daily walk. Further still brought us to Rutland Water and The Thames with 5 miles a day, leaving plenty of free time to explore at our own pace. Our Autumn breaks usually included a Theme Night, which is why we look so ridiculous in these photos.

Over the 18 years we have made some good friends, lost a few and gained a few. However, aches and pains, decline of hearing, memory and concentration are taking their toll. Our Tuesday walks no longer happen and we take it in turn to organise a 4 miler once a month with, the most important bit, a meal at the end of it, and we still have a Christmas lunch at The Olde Sun.

Our advice to anyone healthy enough would be to take up walking, maybe start a new village group. We highly recommend it for fitness, fun and friendship.

Shirley & Mick Collins