Poem: Lets Hope by R.G.Smith – June 2020

Lets Hope

When this crisis is ended,
and the lockdown suspended
The crowds will all come out again.
There will be praises for the N.H.S,
Without them we would be in a mess
Praises for the shopworkers too,
For the help they give, to me and you.

Smiles will be seen, lots of catching up to do,
Getting to know each other again.
Lets hope the scientists and doctors too,
Give some comfort, for me and you
We will stand together and weather the storm,
Think of families that have been torn.

All we can say without a doubt
We’ve never seen anything like this about.

By R.G.Smith – Printed in The Prattler – June 2020

Poem: Grace Ramsey – May 2020

Grace Ramsey Poem

A bit of background to the poem and author.

The author, Grace Ramsay, was the pen-name of Kathleen O’Meara (1839-1888). She was an Irish-French Catholic writer and biographer, responsible for 11 novels and three works of non-fiction during the Victorian period. Her fiction covered a variety of topics from women’s rights to Eastern European revolutions, all dealing with social reform.

This poem appeared in her second novel, Iza’s Story, which dealt with the struggle of Polish patriots against the Russian, Austrian and German occupation. She was well-known during her lifetime, never married and travelled widely throughout Europe and the United States.

By Grace Ramsey – Printed in The Prattler – May 2020

Poem: Do you remember that spring ? – Becki Johnson – May 2020

Do you remember that Spring?


Do you remember that Spring, mum?
The one where we learned to dance?
We had loads of time together, mum,
I learned lots about flowers and plants!
Do you remember that Spring, mum?
The one when daddy was always home?
We ate all our meals together, mum,
And spoke to nana lots on the phone!
Do you remember that Spring, mum?
Where we did loads of Arts and Crafts?
We had whole days in our pyjamas, mum,
And had loads and loads of tickle fights!
Do you remember that Spring, mum?
When you put the tent up in the front room?
We had so many cuddles and snuggles,
I hope we have a spring like that soon!

By Becki Johnson – Printed in The Prattler – May 2020

Poem: My Guinea Pigs – Jemima Thompson – May 2020

My Guinea Pigs 


My guinea pigs are cute & fluffy,
I like to see them when I wake,
One is brown & one is white,
We call them Nutmeg & Milkshake
My guinea pigs make lots of poo poo
We have to clean it out,
My guinea pigs love fruit & vegetables,
When they see dinner they squeak & shout
My guinea pigs are cute & fluffy,
And very cuddly too,
One is brown & one is white,
Nutmeg & Milkshake we love you.

by Jemima Thompson (Age 7 & in Year 3 at Bliss) – Printed in The Prattler – May 2020