Nether Heyford Art Exhibition – Plans for 2021

Some of you might remember that we had originally planned to have an art exhibition in the village last year, which, along with the Village Hall’s celebrations, has had to be put back. Even this year is looking problematic, and with best intentions we hope that everyone will be vaccinated by the autumn. I recently posted a couple of pictures on social media (Facebook) that I had painted which are views from the Green. There was a lovely response from 60 or so people and other pictures began appearing! The Nether Heyford dedicated site was really helpful in gauging interest and getting feedback. People were also interested in some sort of art group once we can meet again, and I think we can be creative about how that might happen.

Planning anything at the moment is quite tough, but the intention is still there to make the exhibition happen at some point. Gives us more time to get those pens and brushes out and have a go! The theme will be about village life and particularly the Green. Maybe we could organise a virtual on-line exhibition in the meantime? If anyone has experience of this sort of thing and would like to help, drop me a line!

February 2021

Tom Dodd

The Exhibition Gallery so far….Village Life & The Green

The Exhibition Gallery so far….Art from Village Residents

To add your artwork to the exhibition gallery email Tom Dodd or The Prattler. Open to residents of Nether Heyford and Upper Heyford – Remember to state which street you live on.