Heyford Scout Group – Christmas Card Postal Service 2020

Christmas Card Collection

Heyford Scout Group are still planning to offer a Christmas Card delivery service this year, but organised a little differently due to current restrictions. There will be no door to door collections but we hope to have some post boxes in key village locations, with extra hygiene precautions for handling and posting out the cards.

Further details will be in the December Prattler.

Letters: Netball & Basketball Court

I am saddened to report yet more tyre mark damage to our lovely netball and basketball court. Please remind family members that the court is not to be used for cycling stunts and skateboarding. There is a big sign CLEARLY stating this at the court. Also if your kids are coming down on their bikes whilst football games etc are on please can they not go on the court whilst you are playing your game.

Thank you.

From Nether Heyford Netball Club

Advertising in The Prattler

The Prattler is the local village newspaper for Nether Heyford and Upper Heyford , Northamptonshire, England, UK. 

Delivered free to every house, 10 months a year, since 1977. 

Newspaper facts:

Advertisement rates per issue:

  • Full Page £30
  • 1/2 page £15
  • 1/4 page £10
  • Business Card  £5

Full page £30 example:


Half page £15 examples:


Quarter page £10 examples:


Business card  £5 examples:


Advertising benefits:

  • Approx number of readers viewing advertisement in each issue is 1875 people.
  • Estimated average retention rate of publication in household is 28 days.
  • Highly targeted advertising reaching approx 99.9% of the village population.
  • Our advertising partners are widely viewed as contributors to a community asset.
  • New for 2019  – The Prattler is also uploaded monthly to HeyfordPrattler.org 

Booking deadline:

All advert bookings should be made before the 15th of the month for the next issue.

Email: heyford_prattler@yahoo.co.uk

Artwork deadline:

Advertising artwork should be sent to the Editor before the 20th of the month for the next issue.

Email: heyford_prattler@yahoo.co.uk

The Prattler – November 2020

The Prattler is run by an active voluntary committee comprising of Sue Boutle, Christine Watts, Vicki Hamblin, Jez Wilson, Nick Essex, Richard Musson and Mary Rice. If you would like to submit articles or have any suggestions for future issues, please contact us.

The newspaper is supported by donations from the Parish Council, the Parish Church, the Baptist Church, Heyford W.I., Heyford Gardening Club, Heyford Singers, the Bowls Club, the Village Hall and Heyford Picturedrome as well as our advertisers.

Thanks are also due to the volunteers who distribute it every month.

Village Hall – News – November 2020

With the redecoration of the main hall completed, the next project is to improve the rear wall of the stage. We have planned the work for minimal impact on users, but for a short while there may be rather more dirt and dust around the stage area than is usual. However, when this is finished, we shall once again have a village hall to be proud of – such a pity that so few people can enjoy it at present.

However, the re-opening of the hall as Covid-19 Secure in September has allowed Pilates, Yoga, Cha Cha Chimps, Martial Arts and craft groups to return to their regular meetings. We are grateful to them all for following the Covid-19 Secure procedures.

Our website www.netherheyfordvillagehall.org has been in use for several months now. Website traffic has increased again and several new enquiries for hire of the hall are in discussion – potentially, good news for the future.

Light at the end of the tunnel – although the tunnel keeps getting longer – for us all.

Just keep smiling…

Alwyne Wilson – 01327 340803

Chairman, Village Hall Management Committee



Letters: ‘Walk of Hope’ fundraiser for the charity Brain Tumour Research

Janet Haynes, Emily and Sally Stroman

On Saturday 26 September 2020, my mother, Janet Haynes, my daughter, Emily Stroman and I took part in the Virtual Walk of Hope raising valuable funds for Brain Tumour Research.

I was inspired to take part after my Mum and her two sisters were all diagnosed with brain tumours and tragically in May this year my Auntie Lesley (Bushell) passed away.

At the time of writing, we have raised £1,270 surpassing our target. We would like to thank everyone who kindly donated to this very worthwhile cause and if you would like to make a donation please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sally-stroman

Thank you.

Sally Stroman, 11 Winston Close, Nether Heyford

The Story of Heyford (Extra): Dear Diary – November 1958

November 1958

Dear Diary,

It’s another lovely morning. Not much left in dad’s veggie patch now summer’s over, just boring green vegetables like cabbage and brussels. It all has to be picked at the right time, vegetables to store in the pantry, fruit to bottle and onions to hang in the barn. We can see his Army influence in the garden, all the vegetables and the flowers in straight lines, like they are on parade, but he’s got so much to look after and he’s very proud of it. Mum’s preparing dinner. I love the first course of Yorkshire pudding with gravy but have to show willing with the main course of meat and vegetables after she’s gone to the trouble of preparing them. Could be rice pudding for afters if we have plenty of milk.

On November 5th some of us made a Guy Fawkes, dressed it in old clothes, put it in an old pram and pushed it round the village with a sign saying “penny for the guy”. Some people were kind enough to give us 1d for some sparklers but it was fun anyway.

We didn’t get a family summer holiday this year, which I wasn’t surprised at, not many families go away. I did get a treat though when I went on a day trip by train to London with my friend Jane. We visited Trafalgar Square, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. We didn’t see the queen though. We forgot to let her know we were coming.

We’ve got a telly now and I like to watch Crackerjack. The TV came from Radio Rentals and we pay for it weekly but it’s great fun for us all and it’s on until about 10 o’clock. They then play The National Anthem, a bit like they do at the cinema, except nobody stands up at home. I still like listening to the wireless on a Saturday morning though, with Children’s Choice and Uncle Mac, who always says “Hello Children everywhere”. They have some smashing songs on and I know them all. There’s Tubby The Tuba, A Four-Legged Friend and The Ugly Duckling.

The old Bricklayers Arms on the canal bridge has been sold to a coal merchant. That’s another pub that bites the dust. The Wharf opposite was also a pub at one time called The Boat but that was before the First World War. They say we used to have several pubs in Heyford, now we only have 2. None of them could have done much trade in such a small village though. I think The Old Sun and The Foresters Arms are here to stay. Sometimes my family catch the bus to Daventry, have a drink in the pub near the bus terminus, then come back on the same one. It’s good because it goes through all the little villages. The Railway at Daventry which runs to Leamington Spa is closing to passengers. I’ve never been on it myself. I think it will still be open for freight for a while.

I’ve joined the choir. There are quite a lot of us, maybe 6 girls, 6 boys, 6 warbling women and 6 growling men. We walk to the choir stalls by the altar from the vestry at the back, like in Noah’s Ark, 2 x 2. I enjoy the services and the singing except when we have to learn a special anthem. They are hard to learn, pretty tuneless and the congregation look bored because they can’t join in. Still, it’s not every week. The church looked beautiful in October for Harvest Festival with flowers everywhere and children brought along fruit and vegetables grown in their garden or allotment. On Remembrance Sunday, the nearest one to 11th, the choir will walk to the War Memorial after the service to remember those who died in the two World Wars, and we have 2 minutes silence. Rehearsals will then start for the Carol concert at Christmas. Roll on.


Letter published in The Prattler – November edition 2020

Nether Heyford Tennis Club – November 2020


Nether Heyford Tennis Club – 2020 Tournament results

Mixed Doubles – Frances Dickson and Andy Lawrence
Men’s Doubles – Gavin Wright and Ian Brodie
Ladies Doubles – Jo Ellison and Lynne Adams

Would you like to come and try out our new courts?

Please get in touch if you would like to come along and play.

Coaching – Adults – Saturday mornings
Beginners 9.00 am
Improvers 10.00 am

Free Friday Tennis – half term – 10.00 am – 3.00 pm

NEW to the tennis club in November – WALKING TENNIS

This is a slowed down version of the traditional game. Who is it for – anyone! No membership or tennis skills required.

Benefits:  Playing walking tennis can bring real benefits, aside from the physical health gains, players benefit from the boost of being outdoors with the mental health benefits of exercise, interaction with others, and a sense of achievement of developing new skills.

Starting Monday 16th November – 10.30 am to 11.30 am and then the three following Mondays at Nether Heyford Tennis Courts. Sessions will continue after this if there is demand. Equipment will be provided and there will be no charge for these 4 sessions.

For further information and to book a space please contact Jo using the details below.

For further information – please find us on Facebook or contact Jo on 01327 349094 / 07749 822016

Email: jodickson@btinternet.com

Website: clubspark.lta.org.uk/NetherHeyfordTennisClub

Full facilities and location details can be found on our Nether Heyford Tennis Club page.

Heyford Amblers – Children in Need Walk October 2020

Heyford Amblers


On Sunday 11th October Heyford Amblers walked to Flore and back in aid of Children In Need. It was glorious weather and we spoke to fishermen, boaters, dog walkers, football supporters and horse riders along the way, also enjoying the morning sun. There were 15 of us socially distancing along the canal towpath and back through Heyford Mill. We all contributed a fiver, as did some who couldn’t join us, and we have sent off our donation of £100.

We look forward to meeting up again but can’t be sure when that will be.

Mick & Shirley Collins