Pensioners Meal Club – April 2019 – Cook Wanted

As villagers may or may not know, there has been a pensioners meal club run in the village for many years now. However due to a change of circumstances and work commitments, my wife and I are no longer able to run the meals club.

We have run this meal club ourselves for the last 7 years approx and before that it was run by another couple from the village who left the village so were unable to continue to run the club hence we then took the club over. When we started there were around 18 members, we now have in excess of 50 members and more and more enquiries every week.

The club runs on the first Thursday of every month and is a once a month meal club but could be run as often as weekly if anyone wanted to do this, or just keep to how it is at the moment. It was a very emotional last meal club on the 7th March when we had to tell everyone that we could no longer run the club due to our immediate work commitments and also we will be very sad if we cannot find anyone to carry the club on.

So is there any one out there who would be prepared or able to take on this meal club and keep it going? We would give any advice to any interested people and explain how the club runs at the moment. There is a fantastic team of helpers who have helped us over the years to serve and wash up etc and with them the club would not have been as successful as it is, I am sure most of these will still be able to help run the club but they feel they could not fully run the club on the same scale as it is run at present. MY WIFE AND I WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE TO ALL OF THE HELPERS DURING OUR YEARS OF RUNNING THE CLUB.

We really hope there is someone out there who is able to cook for around fifty people once a month or more if they want and keep the club running.

Neil & Debbie Botterill

1 The Pound, Nether Heyford

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