New Village Playground Area – Your help is needed

New Village Playground Area – Your help is needed

After years of hard service our Village Play area is getting a bit “tired” and is now in need of some major renovation work.

In view of this your Parish Council have taken the decision to use this as an opportunity to completely revise the whole thing.

We are planning a completely new Play Park that in addition to meeting the needs of younger children -as is the present case, will also cater for children into their teens. It is also hoped to put some “Outdoor Gym” type of equipment in place that can be used by all of us.

Right now we need to form a group who will work to plan and bring the project to fruition.

We already have three Parish Councillors prepared to work on this. Ideally we need two to three members of our community who are in touch with the needs of the proposed Play area users and who have vision, skill and ideas needed to complete a workgroup of six who will bring this plan to fruition.

We believe that we could have identified a source of funding. We have timescale to get the whole project finished by the beginning the next School Summer Holiday. We need to get going as soon as possible if this is to come together.

If you feel you have the vision, time and skills to be a part of this please contact either:

Dave Musson – Joint Project Leader –
Lesley Dilkes –

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