Letters: Rain, Rain, Go Away – Tony Clewett

Rain, Rain, Go Away
What a last three month’s weather we’ve had! In the first FIVE months of the year we had a total of 180mm of rain (7 inches) – that’s about 100mm (4 inches) less than average and for the next five months we’ve already had 440mm (17.2 inches). That’s nearly 2 and a half times as much! No wonder the roads were flooded and the Nene burst its banks for the first time this year. It was the intensity of the rainfall that was so remarkable: we had a huge downpour in the afternoon of 11th August when 32.6mm (1.25 inches) fell in a little over 2 hours and then again on 1st October when 26.5mm (just over an inch) fell during a thunderstorm in 2 hours again flooding the M1.

People are warning of a hard winter because of all the berries in the hedgerows –
well, we’ve certainly got off to a wet Autumn but with no frosts……yet!

Tony Clewett

Published November Edition 2019

One thought on “Letters: Rain, Rain, Go Away – Tony Clewett

  1. I remember the afternoon of 11 August very well. We had driven down from Lancashire so I could have a look round the village my mother (Laura Collins) was born and brought up in and meet a couple of relatives. Having spent a convivial time in The Foresters Arms we visited the cemetery looking at ancestors’ graves. By the time we had finished we were soaked. Just about dried out by the time we got home four hours later. Chris


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