The Story of Heyford (Extra): Dear Diary – March 1951

March 1951

Dear Diary,

The Sunday School are planning a trip to Wicksteed Park in the summer holidays and I’m going with my mum and my auntie. They went there as children as well because the Park has been open since 1921. I hope we take a picnic. There are swings, very big slides, huge see-saws that hold about 10 or 12 people, a little train called Lady of the Lake and a water chute where you climb up steep steps to the little hut where the boat is kept, you get 3 drops and end up soaking wet.

Another favourite outing is to Wellingborough Zoo to see lions, tigers and bears. They also have a goldfish pond, an elephant and a giant tortoise. Mum has a little Sunday morning job delivering papers. They come by car from Weedon and she goes to all the houses in Furnace Lane carrying a heavy bag full. I go with her sometimes but everybody wants a chat so it can take a long time and I get bored. If I go to Sunday school instead of delivering papers with mum, she takes me and lets me walk home with the other kids. We try and find a stick so that when we walk through the jitty we can drag it along the railings, making a great sound.

Later today, because the sun is out, we are going for a walk to Bugbrooke. No doubt we’ll see snowdrops and daffodils along the hedgerow and we shall pass the little lane about half way that mum and dad call ‘Lovers Lane’. They tell me lots of people use it but I can’t think why, it’s just a little lane with a hedge both sides and the canal at the top. We shall walk as far as The Five Bells pub and I might get a bottle of pop and packet of crisps with a little blue bag of salt inside.

Next weekend I shall go to church because it will be Mothering Sunday and all us children are given a little bunch of flowers to give to our mothers. Three weeks later it will be Easter so I’m hoping to get an Easter Egg, especially if it has chocolate buttons inside. I better be good for a few days.


Letter published in The Prattler – March 2020

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