Letters: Hair problems when self isolating by Sue Townsend – June 2020

Hair problems when self isolating by Sue Townsend

I know there are many ladies out there
Who are currently bemoaning the state of their hair
I was due a cut over 4 weeks ago
But obviously cancelled for reasons we know
So now my short and funky style
Has bitten the dust for quite a while
Whilst my hair may be thin, thanks to Gran’s genes
It grows at full gallop, just like Jack’s beans
So now it looks like a low flying cow, darn it
Has done what comes naturally on top of my Barnet
It’s now curling over my collar and ears
And I know it won’t take that long til it reaches my rear
Himself has offered to give me a Grade 3
But to be quite honest, do I trust him? not me
The thought of what could happen, I just couldn’t bear
If he ended up giving me a full Lionel Blair
But on the positive side, I’m so pleased to say
That I gave up on colouring, resigned to the grey
It now must be hard for those who kept fighting
To continue with colour and even highlighting
For now they must worry and constantly fret
About having to join “The Badger Babe” set
With an increasing white line on top of their Napper
Where once they were well groomed, and glossy, and dapper
So maybe my friends, use this enforced quarantine
To give up the fight, you know what I mean
Just think of time saved, extra dosh in your purse
By accepting your grey, things could be much worse
By the time all us oldies are allowed to run (well shuffle) free
Your hair could quite easily have grown down to your knee
So a quick salon cut could solve all your care
As you then revert to your natural hair
When all this is over, the busiest folk
Will be the hairdresser girl and the cute barber bloke
The only consolation is that, and this I would share,
Even the best hairdresser can’t cut their own hair.
So maybe before our isolation comes to an end
Take a selfie of your hair to send to your friends
Then have a competition to see who looks the worst
I’m sure the pics will make us laugh fit to burst.

Published June Edition 2020

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