Letters: RNLI Lifeboat Fund – Sandy Davis

Lifeboat Fund

Mrs Sandra Davis would like to express her heartfelt thanks to all the people who donated towards supporting the RNLI. This is a very worthy cause and was always supported by her late husband Norman.

Sandy has always tried to raise funds for the lifeboats, to keep up the good work Norman started. Incidentally the main source of the RNLI’s income is from donations given by the generosity of the general public. Therefore it is easy to see what a worthy undertaking raising funds for them is.

Sandy has worked very hard promoting this cause and the funds raised were taken down to the Yarmouth and Gorlestone Lifeboat Station. Sandy has just received a letter of appreciation from the Lifeboat Association thanking her for all her hard work and support. She was also informed of the amount of money she recently raised. It came to the magnificent total of £615.94. Once again thank you for all your donations, help and generosity.

Sandy Davis

Published November Edition 2020

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