Flood Watch – April/May 2021

Flood Watch

As we moved into 2021 January storm Christoph saw more periods of heavy rainfall and more local flooding up to the very last day of the month, by which time the monthly average rainfall was exceeded by 75%. February started milder but by the end of the first week temperatures plummeted to -5 centigrade over night with daytime temperatures around zero and we experienced the first snowfall brought about by the “Beast from the East 2”, named Darcy. This was followed by a week of strong winds with coastal speeds of over 80 mph although locally they only reached 45 mph. In spite of these wind speeds and the issuing of yellow warnings the storm remained unnamed (should have been Evert!).The instability of the jet stream which had brought down cold polar air suddenly reversed to bring warm air from the south. The monthly rainfall returned to average and although the river level peaked several times no more flooding occurred.

March started slightly warmer but wind chill factor kept temperature in single figures. However rainfall throughout the month has dropped and should end up below average. As we approach the end of the month the Spring equinox will be reached by the 20th when day and night hours are equal at the equator although locally this will occur on 17/18th being in the northern hemisphere. On the 27th the clocks will go forward 1 hour when sunset will be at 7.30pm and daylight hours would have extend to 12 hours 40 minutes.

April’s forecast expects a period of more stable weather as long as US hurricane season does not create problems with the jet stream. An historic event on 28th February saw a meteor stream deposit debris of up to 300 grams in Gloucestershire. The finding of such fragments, not seen in over 30 years, identified the age in excess of the earth at 4.5 billion years. I have been informed that our local E/A contact has been re-assigned to a new location and that all contact will revert to the Partnership and Strategic Overview team. I have contacted the team leader to try to ensure continuity and that he is fully aware of our concerns over lack of progress. I am currently awaiting his response to my E-Mail.


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