Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan Update – April 2022


Update on our Neighbourhood Plan (2021-2029)

At the March Parish Council meeting the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group presented the details of the public consultation, and subsequent proposed amendments to the Draft Plan. As the qualifying body the Parish Council have to review and formally approve any changes to the Draft Plan. This is a statutory step prior to formal submission. In summary the changes approved related to strengthening some policies and making a number of technical changes as a result of feedback from the WNC Planning Team.

There was significant discussion around the allocation of the Bugbrooke Road site (SNC310), for primarily educational purposes. As a result of this discussion, it was agreed that this allocation was in the best long-term interest of the village. It was also recognised that this could take a number of years to bring to fruition given the funding requirements and the complexity of undertaking a school relocation.

Detailed responses to all the questions raised from the consultation, including from WNC and Persimmon Homes are now available on the NHP website,, as is the latest revision of the Draft Plan.

Subject to a further independent review of the Draft Plan and the completion of some associated formal documents, the Parish Council will make a formal submission to WNC. WNC will review the submission to ensure it meets all the statutory requirements prior to being sent to a planning inspector.

If the planning inspector approves the plan, then WNC will organise a simple yes/no referendum for the village, and assuming a simple ‘yes’ majority the plan becomes ‘made’. This in essence means it is legally enforceable and sits under the umbrella of the Local Development Plan for this area. As previously mentioned, the benefits of having a ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plan for our village are significant both in terms of future development and protecting and enhancing our current assets.

After 5 years or so of significant work, it is timely that our plan moves to its conclusion. With changes to our local councils, their inherited economic pressures and the fluctuations in national directives in how and where to build, it’s important that we are able show evidence of the needs and wishes of people who live in the parish, and to have a formal plan that protects those needs and wishes.

Tom Clewett. Tom Dodd, Tony Williams of the NHNHP group.

Published in the April 2022 Edition of The Prattler

For more information on Nether Heyford Neighbourhood Plan visit the website:

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