Letters: Congratulations Joe & Joan Garratt


Joseph (Joe) and Joan Garratt received a card from the Queen recently congratulating them on their 74th Wedding Anniversary.

They married on the 8th June 1936 at Nether Heyford Church and they lived in a cottage in Labrams Yard in Church Street when Joe returned from Army service in the Sudan and Joan worked in the war effort making aircraft parts for the Lancaster Bombers in the St James area of Northampton.

They settled in the village then brought up a family and were moved to the new Council Houses after about 5 years and continued to work and enjoy village life. Unfortunately Joe had a recent fall and was hospitalised with a damaged hip – the first time apart in all those years.

Joan says her family, friends and neighbours are a great support and thanks them all.

Jean Spokes

The Prattler team send them warmest congratulations on this special anniversary and wish Joe a speedy recovery. (Update 28/08/2020 Joe is now back at home)

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