Letters: Daventry Food Bank

Food Banks are and will be a vital helping hand for so many people and families. Referrals are rising each week and sadly will continue.

As a church family we regularly collect for the Food Banks with drop off boxes in our churches. However, towards the end of February this year, it was becoming increasingly difficult to source dried and tinned goods from the shops and once sourced, items were restricted. This made it more difficult to support the Food Banks with suitable goods. When we had to close our churches, owing to the pandemic, we set up drop off points for donations in Upper Stowe, Heyford and two points in Flore.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has and continues to support the Food Banks. I have been overwhelmed by such generosity. In conjunction with food donations we have also raised over £200.00 which has been donated to Daventry Food Bank so far, by various fund raisers, which included a “Back to School” quiz organised by our church secretary and sewn items for a golf tournament to name but a few.

Daventry Food Bank acts as a hub and supplies Weedon and other local Food Banks in Daventry District. They are always grateful for tinned, dried goods, cereals, toiletries, toilet rolls and fresh produce. Their web site www.daventryfoodbank.org.uk has a list of stock shortages for ideas. Deliveries from Nether Heyford are made twice a week. Donations can be dropped off in the box outside 15 Middle Street, or I can arrange to collect donations if you would like to phone me 01327 349754.

Whatever we can give, no matter how small will help. Matthew 7:12 puts this beautifully “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you”.

Thank you once again.

Maxine Edgington

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