Parish Council – February & March 2021

Due to government regulations prohibiting public meetings the Jan 7th, 2021 Parish Council meeting was held online, using the Zoom platform. This is in line with national advice. There is no indication of how long these conditions will persist, but it is likely that meetings will take place online for the next 3 months at the very least.

Parishioners wanting to participate in the Public Session should check the Agenda on the Public notice boards, or the Website, for the meeting ID on Zoom.

We have no idea at this stage of how long the present lockdown will continue, but it will be months rather than weeks. The new variant of the virus has made it more widespread and I imagine all of us now know victims personally. There have been a number in the village, and many more in the locality to the point where the General Hospital has struggled to cope.

The Parish Council is now 4 members short of its full quota of 11. There is an election due in May, which we hope will take place (it having already been postponed once). In the meantime, we are able to co-opt new members, subject to them being eligible. The Parish Council really does need active new members, preferably familiar with IT – so if you feel that is you – please contact me or the Chair (details below this article).

Reports from the District and County Councillors.
Cllr Phil Bignell expressed concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and anticipated stricter regulations.

Cllr Adam Brown reported that the LGR was ongoing, that West Northamptonshire (WN) authority would come into being on April 1st. Parish and District elections were still set for May. WN leadership team is now in place and further appointments can now be made. A budget will be set shortly with a “safety first” intention. There will be a full review of all services. It is hoped that a combination of a new Highways contractor and new technology/methods will improve the situation on the roads. Children’s services will be bought in house again.

Cllr David Harries expressed concerns about shadow councillors talking about keeping rates as low as possible. He felt that this was the very attitude that had caused the demise of NCC – not putting up the rates and driving the authority into the ground. Cllr AB said that WN would increase the rates by the maximum allowed without going to referendum.

Lights Bracket lamp on junction of Weedon Rd and Church Lane reported out. AW/CK to inform Clerk of which other lights were out.

The Green / Play Area – NH reported a bin overflowing. Clerk to check. The bid for New Homes Bonus money towards a new Play Area had been turned down. This would be the last opportunity for this form of funding. CK had identified another possible source of funding.

Allotments Virtual Rent Night to take place on Jan 21st. Rent letters would include Bank details and encourage online payment.

Churchyard In good order, STS to pollard the Limes in the Churchyard shortly.

Joint Burial Board No meeting had been possible. A co-option would enable a meeting on Jan 25th.

Youth Club Still closed and would be until the tier system ends.

Canal Furnace Lane bridge brickwork not yet repaired. Paths boggy.

Yellow Lines around School It was resolved to request that yellow lines be extended along Middle St to the bottleneck on both sides of the road. Form to be filled in and passed to the school for comment.

Grass-cutting Contracts 3 tenders had been received. It was resolved to accept Mr Simons’ (the existing contractor) quotation for cutting the village green and verges.

Police Liaison Representative to act as a single point of contact with Northamptonshire Police. It was resolved that Charles Kiloh to take on the role.

Budget and Precept for 2020 -21
Budget set at £91,450.00 as recommended by the Finance Committee.

Precept set at £90,000.00. This represented an increase of 12.4%. Any shortfall to come from the general reserve.

Increased expenditure on maintenance was anticipated on the Green, in the cemetery and churchyard, especially on trees and benches. There would be annual wage increments on salaries for the PCSO, Clerk and Linkman. Election expenses were also anticipated.

Reporting Highway and Footpath Issues. The Clerk will report issues that Council is made aware of, but Council would encourage residents to use the FixMyStreet service to report issues themselves as there will then be no time lag and first-hand reports are almost always better than 2nd or 3rd hand reports. The service can be found here:  It is easy to use; you can have your own account and can check up on any issues you have reported.

Streetlights within the village can be reported to the Clerk, who will report them to the maintenance company.

Parish Council meetings in 2021 will continue to be on the first Monday of each month, (unless a Bank Holiday) and start at 19:30. The next ones are Monday February 1st  & Monday March 1st (Online on Zoom Meeting ID is available from the Nether Heyford Parish Council Website )


Clerk to the Parish Council: Guy Ravine, c/o Old Dairy Farm, Upper Stowe, Weedon, Northamptonshire, NN7 4SH
Telephone: 07935 931787

For further useful information about Nether Heyford Parish Council and full contact details for the clerk and the Councillors please visit:

Nether Heyford Parish Council Website 

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