Letters: Hugh Adams

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of one of our oldest residents of Nether Heyford. Sadly recently, Mr Hugh Adams passed away.

One of our most long-standing Nether Heyford residents from one of Heyford’s most longest-standing families. A family that has farmed the surrounding area for a very long time.

This year Hugh provided The Prattler and the county news teams with a wealth of information, particularly around VE Day and his experience of VE Day in 1945.

The Prattler has been very fortunate to obtain the interview from BBC Radio Northampton from Martin Heath who interviewed Hugh in May this year in regards to VE Day.

“Hugh Adams (96) from Nether Heyford has been telling me about driving a jeep into Copenhagen in May 1945 as part of the Allied Liberation Force. He also collected guns off German soldiers and sold them to buy a car!”

Martin Heath: https://twitter.com/heathm50

Some Nether Heyford history articles connected to Hugh:

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Hugh will be sadly missed by all his family, friends and neighbours.

The Prattler team

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