Nether Heyford W.I. – May 2019


How quickly the months seem to fly by! It seems no time at all since I was writing the last Prattler article and telling you that Renee Watt was coming to show us how to do Country Dancing. The ladies of Nether Heyford W.I. who were able to attend our April meeting are still laughing as we remember ‘trying’ to do our heel–toes, chains and hand clapping whilst counting at the same time. As a Mother I had always thought I was pretty good at multi-tasking but I obviously got that wrong! Anyone passing the Village Hall would be forgiven for thinking that the W.I. had been drinking something more potent than our normal ‘cuppa’ but how good we all felt when we eventually sat down for the refreshments. Many of you will know how passionate I am about music and there is no doubt that laughter is the best tonic for friends to share. Combine the two with dancing and the end product is magic. I do hope that our two visitors felt the same.

May is the month for our members to go on an outing and this year we are visiting Rugby for a tour of the famous school. Just to remind you all that the bus will be leaving the village at 6 pm from the shop side of the green. Let’s hope the weather stays fine.

We are back in the Village Hall for our June meeting when Analiza Jones will be telling us about the making of hand woven bags from the Philippines.

Congratulations to all those who organised and carried out the Village Litter Pick. The W.I. ladies’ contribution was about 16 bags plus assorted car-parts!! It is great to see the roads into the village looking so clean and shows visitors that we do care about the lovely area we are lucky to live in. Who knows, perhaps it will make them think first before they drop their fast food wrappers on the way through?!!

Mary Rice – Heyford Lodge – 01327 340101


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