Heyford Gardening Club – June 2019


At our May meeting we had the pleasure of a talk by Teresa Wedderburn of Branch
Out MK, a not for profit company which provides gardening therapy for people with
learning difficulties and autism. They are based at York House in Stony Stratford
and anyone passing that area is welcome to call in and see their work for
themselves. They also have a range of goods for sale including cut flowers, herbal
teas and pot pourri’s.

Spring Flower Show
Due to an administrative mix up a number of members arrived with entries for a
spring flower competition which should have been cancelled, so we went ahead
anyway with an impromptu show which was won by Anne Haynes’ lush display,
closely followed by Maureen Wright’s elegant pink flowered lily of the valley.
Our June 10th meeting will feature a talk on bonsai by Steve Brown and we
definitely will have our annual rose show, which has two classes; single flowered
varieties and cluster flowered varieties, in the first case a single bloom is required; in the second a single spray.

New Arrivals
Recently we spotted in our garden an unusual looking bumble bee. This turned out
to be a tree bumble bee, a recently arrived species from the continent which has
been spreading rapidly through the country mainly because it doesn’t have the
natural enemies of our native bees (which are mainly a race of parasitic bumble
bees called cuckoo bees). These tree bumble bees, as the name suggests, like to
nest in holes high in trees and sometimes use empty bird boxes. Rather less
welcome, we found on our allotment some brightly coloured beetles with a black and white cross pattern on their backs and red heads and legs. These are asparagus
beetles, so if you grow asparagus look out for this pest as they can cause a lot of

The warmest Easter on record has been followed by the coldest May bank holiday.
Britain has four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter, but not necessarily in
that order! However this year despite the weather all the carrots I have sowed have
germinated and grown well, unlike the previous year when I managed to produce
the magnificent total of two carrots.

Some Things to do in June
1. Start to take soft wood cuttings of shrubs and perennials
2. It’s now safe to put out tender bedding plants and vegetables
3. Prune spring flowering shrubs.

Mark Newstead


For more information visit the Heyford Gardening Club & Allotments page


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