Letters: Climate Change – July 2019

I would like to comment on Climate Change and how people think they are being
environmentally friendly.

Groups around the Country with lots of ‘County Ladies’ and ‘Gerry and Margo Ledbetter’s’ types who love to boost their Societies have bought trees and planted them to be environmentally friendly, in reality all they have done is make the plant nursery owner a bit more better off and polluted the environment in the process by moving a tree that is already growing and moving it to another location; don’t plants trees… grow them!

Everyone who is concerned about the environment should each go outside in the Autumn, pick up seeds and grow them in pots before planting them out when they are big enough. The advantage is more trees are grown and at the cost of a pot and compost (or digging up a bit of soil). My count so far is 4 Oak trees (one already planted out), 2 Sweet Chestnuts and a Walnut tree. This would be a good exercise for the children at the School to do.

In reality, if the human race wants to make a difference to the environment an area the size of North America needs to be planted.

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