Village Hall – News – December 2019

Pantomime : Sunday 29th December at 2pm.
Our ‘Dick Whittington’ posters are now all distributed around the village (on a telegraph post near you) and our remaining tickets are going fast. They are £9 for adults and £3 for children under 11, and can be purchased from Richard on 01327 341044.

Christmas Decorations
By the time you read this, our village hall will be sporting its Christmas decorations, with thanks to our team of helpers.

Carols on the Green
This is a new venture by one of our regular user groups, the Heyford Singers, and will take place on the Village Green on Friday 20th December at 6.30pm. Full details are given elsewhere in this issue. However, knowing what the December weather might be like (remember the Fete in June?) we are on standby in case of: ‘If wet, in village hall’.

This time last year we appealed for someone to help us restore our village hall website after it had been hacked. Thanks to Jez Wilson who volunteered to do this, our new website has now been in use for several months, attracting around 20 new hits each week and helping to generate additional bookings. So thanks again, Jez.

Main Hall Flooring
For many years the wooden flooring has been cared for with regular cleaning and polishing. Unfortunately, in recent years the floor has suffered some water damage, so it now needs a complete restoration. A specialist company will undertake the work, hopefully immediately before Christmas, during which time access to the main hall will be restricted until the new coating has dried out completely. Please check the website for the dates

Recently the radiators along the back wall of the hall have not been working adequately (or at all, at times), caused by some problems with the boiler in the storeroom. The cause has been identified but will require a lot of work to fix. Meanwhile, there is now a notice next to the boiler telling hirers how to deal with the problems.

Additional Storage
We have been awarded a grant from the Northants Community Foundation to fund a new external storage facility, which will release more internal storage space for our many regular user groups. This will probably be a self-build steel building which will be delivered as a ‘flat pack’. So many hours of Ikea-type fun lie ahead for our volunteers.

Alwyne Wilson



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