Letters: Money in your pocket – February 2020


In a recent Martin Lewis Money programme on ITV he reminded any married couple or partnership in which one partner is a 20% tax payer whilst their partner either does not pay tax or utilise their full personnel allowance,currently at £1250, should apply to transfer the unused tax allowance to their partner. This can be back dated to April 2015 and currently amounts up to a maximum of £250 for the current tax year. Simply contact the Office of Works and Pensions and provide both partners details in order to your claim.

In addition anybody who has taken out a Lasting Power of Attorney, LPA or Enduring Power of Attorney, EPA between 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017 are entitled to refunds varying from £34 to £54 for each attorney dependent on the date of completion. Separate refunds are available whether cover is for property/financial or health/welfare. Closure date for applications is 1 February 2021. So far over £11M has been paid out. You can claim if you are a donor or attorney. If the donor has died then the executor of the will can claim. Claims can be made to the Office of the Public Guardian by phone 0300 456 0300 selecting option 6 or fill in on-line form. If successful payment will be received within 12 weeks.

I personally have successfully completed claims and received multiple refunds.

James Arnold

Published February Edition 2020

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