W.I. & Crafty Club – Christmas Fayre Update – February 2020

Crafty Club / W.I. Christmas Fayre – Saturday 7th December 10:00 TO 14:00

The Village Hall looked absolutely amazing with all the stall holders making their tables look very inviting. W.I. commenced “frying” their wonderfully, delicious bacon butties, and apparently were sold out before the 2 o’clock deadline. All the trees were decorated and ready by the start of the Fayre and a banner was placed outside on poles.

The Christmas Trees and Mystery Boxes in the Chapel Rooms had a steady flow of people through the four hours, with many comments about how people felt the idea of the trees all being the same, giving the various groups the same opportunity to win, was a “good idea”!

At 2 o’clock votes for the best dressed tree were counted, the results were as follows:

Flower Society – 8 votes
ReStore – 5 votes
Crafty Club – 16 votes
Singers – 23 votes
Messy Church – 16 votes
Foresters – 6 votes
Garden Club – 5 votes
Quilters – 2 votes

So, the overall winner was the Singers with Crafty Club & Messy Church tying for second place. The Singers were awarded a box of chocolates and as there were two joint seconds Crafty Club gave Messy Church the box of biscuits.

Thanks to the Baptist Church for the use of their room.

The Mystery Box went well – two numbers were picked by an independent person at 2 o’clock and the winning numbers were

126 – Jude Massingham
11 – Lorraine Streeter.

I would like to thank all the people for their hard work helping with the organisation of the Fayre and for all the people who came along that made the whole event worthwhile.

Finally I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

Chris Phillips



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