2020 Village Award Scheme – Update – March 2020

2020 Village Award Scheme
Northamptonshire Action for Communities in Rural England

Nether Heyford’s Application: Progress report

I am pleased to write that, to date, 46 questionnaires have been sent out to village groups and organisations and 28 have been returned. This is an excellent response at this stage – and my thanks go out to all those who have responded so promptly. There is still time for others to come in so I am hopeful that by the time the judges want more detailed information we’ll be well prepared.

In the meantime, I now have a long list of activities and amenities, giving me a good general picture of Nether Heyford’s community life. So by the time you read this I will have submitted an application on behalf of the village, with two supporting statements: one about the village as a great place to live (Community), and the other about the revitalisation of the allotments project (Creative Use of Communal Space).

I have received much support from people around the village – which has been a great encouragement to me, thank you all.

Alwyne Wilson 01327 340803


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