Rising Star Sports – April 2020

Rising Stars Sports

“My name is Theo and I’m 8 years old. I have been going to Rising Stars Sports club for 3 years during the holidays. I like all the sports especially ball games because it involves moving around lots and throwing balls.”

“I enjoy going to Rising Stars Sports because I can keep active and make friends while having fun.” Alfie-Jack

I am so pleased to see how Rising Stars Sports has developed over the years since the business started. Each school holiday we’re able to run multiple camps with participant numbers reaching between 15-20! I am very lucky to have full support from the Bliss Charity School. We are able to use their sports equipment, the school hall and the playground. It is also handy having the village green to use as this allows us to run a greater variety of sports.

Our numbers are increasing with children not only from the Bliss Charity school, but also other schools in the local area. I am really pleased with this as it allows the children to meet new friends and keeps more local children active, having fun and learning new skills during the holidays.

For details on our next camps please visit our website: www.risingstarssports.co.uk or contact us via email: risingstarssports@hotmail.com

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Jodie Caller

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