Quiz – Do you know Northampton?

Do you know Northampton?

The answers to these questions are place names in Northamptonshire.

1 Not a new place
2 Not under 14 lbs
3 Is Topsy upside down?
4 A naughty insect
5 Did royalty lose its head here?
6 A street
7 A small professor
8 An electric gadget used at breakfast time
9 Place of the firs
10 Isn’t there a milk container here?
11 Keep losing your hair
12 Sounds as if its manufactured to a high standard
13 A happy weight
14 One of two – not Chapel, the other
15 Is it a fault?
16 Not a soft part of a candle
17 The site of a battle in 1645
18 A farmyard and watery resting place
19 A lettuce and small wood
20 Badgers manor
21 This is a sad and serious place for animals
22 Sounds as if it’s some value to a builder
23 Add a point to this fresh meat
24 A golfer’s weight
25 Flower ending has changed
26 Does a singer tunnel here
27 A young animal with a drink
28 Visit this place for old records
29 Continue with the housework
30 Do you get burnt at this waterhole?

Quiz Answers


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