Nether Heyford – Community Streetwatch


In the words of the Sir Robert Peel (founder of the UK Police Service)…

“The police are public, and the public are the police. The Police being the only members of the public paid to give full-time attention to duties that are incumbent of every citizen in the interest of community welfare and existence.”


I am therefore looking for volunteers aged between 18-80 who would be willing to support me by patrolling the villages as part of a Streetwatch scheme.

  • Someone in Nether Heyford willing to act as local co-ordinator
  • Minimum of 5 volunteers per village (for flexibility for shift workers)
  • Volunteers patrol in pairs, they will be issues with a high-visibility jacket, phone and alarm
  • Adhere to Health & Safety and follow a code of conduct
  • Subject to a vetting procedure (currently this process takes around 12 weeks)
  • Engage but avoid confrontational behaviour / conflict
  • Encourage meeting to maintain team working / share ideas
  • Encourage working with Neighbourhood Watch and myself.

Please register your interest by email to PCSO Matt Taylor:

Thank you.

Matthew Taylor

(Police, Police Community Support Officer (C7115), South Northants Neighbourhood Policing Team)


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