Letters: Heyford Entrypreneurs

Villagers, we are looking for help watering our flowerbeds at the entrances into our lovely village. If you live near one of the signs, it would be fabulous if you could water it a few days each week. Or if you are passing one, could you stop on the way and throw some much-needed water onto them, it will help them keep looking great. We are desperate for volunteers especially during this hot spell. If YOU can help us to keep these signs pretty, then please call me on 07912 971799. If you feel you want to take on a sign on your own as a little project, then also let me know. We are also looking for much needed plant donations. If any of you lovely villagers are thinning any plants in your garden or have bulb/seeds going spare then please let me know. I can collect.

I want to also thank our helpers who are already playing a big part at the moment, watering, planting, weeding and flattening those pesky mole hills, you are all amazing. We would not have come this far without you. However, we still need more people to make it easier all round.

Thank you all so much.


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