Nether Heyford W.I. – April 2019


At our March meeting we were treated to an evening of reminiscences of a working life in education – through life as a young teacher, progressing to School Inspector and ending working on white papers for the Ministry of Education. Despite playing golf retirement weighed heavy – and so an author was born! Graham Jones told us of the problems of getting books published, the sometimes unexpected reactions of people when they were and of his surprise when they were a hit in China! All this was done with great humour and the evening flew by.

There is a slight change to our April meeting. Renee Watt will still be there but will be showing us how Country Dancing is made easy! It is some years since I took part in country dancing and my joints were more supple – perhaps one or two of you younger ladies could come along and remind me how it’s done?! However, I do remember the laughter that always accompanied the effort that went into it and, as the world seems a bit short of laughter at the moment, let’s hope it still has the same effect. We will be in the Village Hall at 7.30 on Thursday April 4th and the cost for the evening plus refreshments is £5 for non-members.

In May we will be going on a W.I. Members’ visit to Rugby School so there will be no meeting in the Village Hall but it will be back to business as usual in June.

Mary Rice – Heyford Lodge – 01327 340101

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