Heyford Singers – April 2019


Occasionally we have to make choices, and unfortunately they turn out to be the wrong ones ……with ensuing consequences! On a beautifully warm late February morning I opted to do some clearing on the allotment site, instead of doing the weekend shop. A long and determined bramble, a tumble and I was in A&E with a broken arm! Like any illness or injury the world can change in a split second; routines, plans, simple everyday activities taken for granted, are suddenly part of a difficult course to be navigated each day. And I humbly acknowledge that there are many folk who face far more demanding challenges in their roads to recovery; I admire you all for your determination, resilience, bravery and cheerfulness.

In my small recuperative world, restricted from more energetic activities, I have read a great deal, enjoyed some fascinating programmes on the radio, listened to music and watched spring unfold, albeit through tempestuous March days. Which brings me to the song heading this article, “Look at the World”.

It is probably my favourite song from the modern classical music repertoire, and I, like many other members of Heyford Singers, was delighted when Mary chose to include it in the programme for the spring concert in May. It was written by the English composer and conductor, John Rutter (1945 – ), who has had a long association with Clare College, Cambridge – first as a student, then Director of Music, later as parent, and recording producer for their famous choir. He has composed a vast number of songs, anthems and choral works, including commissions for the Queen’s Jubilee and recent royal weddings. This particular song was written in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Council for the Protection of Rural England.

“Look at the World” is sung to the most beautiful tune (listen if you can), but it is the words and sentiments that capture the beauty of the world and the changing seasons.

“Look at the world, everything all around us. 

Look at the world and marvel every day.

Look at the world, so many joys and wonders. 

So many miracles along our way.”

Blossom and buds opening on awakening trees, a riot of colour as the bare soil gives way to a profusion of spring flowers, the birds busy prospecting for suitable nesting sites, and the morning chorus gathering force – so much that is wonderful at this time of year, and all captured in the verses of the song.

I know that I have mentioned it many times before but we are so fortunate living in this beautiful English village, with its close and caring community, surrounded by a rural landscape which embraces fields, hills, farms, woods, a river and a canal, plus various historical and cultural features. If you need to see a world beyond your own immediate needs and troubles what better place is there than this?


Heyford Singers are busy with their rehearsals for the spring concert,

“THIS IS MUSIC” on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May.


Tickets at £7.50 for adults and £4.00 for under 12’s , will very soon be available from Keith Rands-Allen (01327 340741 or 07971 786912) and if recent concerts are anything to go by, they will sell out very quickly!

We do hope that you can join us, to hear amongst other lovely songs, the beautiful “Look at the World” by John Rutter. More details about the concert programme in the next Prattler issue.


If you would like to find out more, visit the Heyford Singers page or our website:


 alternatively come along to one of our rehearsals in Nether Heyford Village Hall.


Jill Langrish

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